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Secrets of Brainwashing, Sensitivity Groups, Political Correctness, Multiculturalism
Secrets of Brainwashing
How Brainwashing and Sensitivity Groups Control America
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278 pages; 18 chapters and 1 appendix
Muslim terrorism front groups within America have effectively subverted several
US government agencies
through the vehicle of sensitivity groups. The most
totally subverted federal agency is now the
FBI, which many believe is now an
instrument of Muslim terrorism. The leftist sensitivity groups that are currently
being implemented continuously
in the FBI and other federal agencies are nothing
more than
brainwashing. Brainwashing was perfected by the Chinese communists
in the 1950s.
brainwashing is a major industry in the US. That brainwashing is used to
implement political correctness, multiculturalism
, and psychological assaults
against white males. In
Secrets of Brainwashing, a completely unique book loaded
with sensational information, Quikmaneuvers' readers will be astonished to
learn how
brainwashing is implementing political correctness and multiculturalism in
. Sensitivity groups currently brainwashing American police, FBI, and
military forces
are conditioning them to become enforcers of political
correctness, multiculturalism, and supporters of muslim terrorism
. Such
activities constitute a great danger to freedom in America.
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“Welcome to the world of behavior modification via a brainwashing technique that has been perfected over the past
30 years -
'sensitivity training.'  It is being used for many purposes including, for example, to overcome resistance to the
lowering of standards in naval aviation to enable females to join the air combat arms of our military, including the manning
of combat ships at sea.  It is a technique developed steadily over the past fifty years that has proven successful in
changing a person's worldview, that is, his or her values, fundamental beliefs, and even religious convictions.
groups are being used in America
to transform the nation into an Islamic state, believe it or not.

Sensitivity group training has been successfully employed by behavioral scientists in the service of the Federal
Government over the past thirty years to implement radical curriculum changes in K-12 education via influencing public
school teachers, administrators, and school boards.  The current fad of outcome based education in our public schools
has resulted from the implementation of the relativism of 'values clarification' via methods developed by these behavioral
scientists.  Our universities train and certify public school teachers in the methods of teaching this 'dumbed down'

In addition,
sensitivity group training has been used for years in America's business community to implement Equal
Opportunity goals and guidelines (affirmative action and quotas) generated by Federal Government overseers. It has
been used to intimidate and then warp the thinking of its victims to become strong supporters of lies.”
Excerpt from Secrets of Brainwashing
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