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Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices - IEDs Defeat US Armed Forces in Iraq
Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices
IEDs Defeat US Armed Forces
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259 pages; 16 chapters, and 4 appendixes
Although the US Army and Marines have been fighting in Iraq for over
3 years, and
most of their casualties have resulted from Improvised
Explosive Devices (IEDs)
, there is NO detailed book available on all
aspects of
detecting and beating the IED tactic… until now!
“It was truly "blood and shit," as Colonel Marcel Bigeard said, a horrendous battle, during which bombs blew hundreds of
European victims to pieces. French paratroopers worked hard to dismantle the Muslim murder networks by uncovering
their hierarchy, discovering caches, and flushing out the FLN leaders installed in the city.
When the Algiers bomb campaign began, normal methods of polite questioning of terrorists and terrorist suspects was
turning up no useful information. The murders committed by the unbridled Muslim terrorism campaign increased
exponentially. The French realized that unless harsh methods were employed, thousands of innocent people would soon
be dead.
During interrogations, the French used electrodes (known as gigene, a slang term for generator), dunkings in bathtubs,
and beatings in an attempt to locate nests of Muslim killers. Most of the so-called torturers were not sadists, but sincere
patriots trying to save lives. Most of the hardened paratroops understood that only torture could elicit important
intelligence from the bevy of hardened Muslim killers apprehended by the French. Torture made the killers talk and they
revealed important information in record time. Soon French assault teams moved rapidly about Algiers, fighting gun
battles against teams of killer-beasts heretofore safe in their lairs.
The French Army prevailed. The number of Muslim terrorist attacks rapidly fell from 112 in January to 39 in February,
then to 29 in March. The FLN's command center, run by Abbane Ramdane, was forced to leave the capital. Massu had
won a hard fought victory.”
Excerpt from Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices
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In Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices the reader will learn why
IEDs defeat US armed forces
. However, most of the book describes
IED network of combat cells, how IEDs are employed, IED
ambushes, how the various types of IEDs work, detecting IEDs,
protection from IEDs, and how to defeat the IED network
For the first time, a book is available which can serve as an excellent
handbook for coping with, and achieving victory over,
Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq
. The only reason why IED networks are still killing so many
Americans is because of incompetent and weak leadership in Iraq. A hard ruthless army, such as the French during
the Algerian War, wiped out a problem of similar size in only a few weeks. They weren’t bound by silly rules of war
and suicidal rules of engagement. If you want to
learn how to defeat IEDs, read Secrets of Improvised
Explosive Devices.
Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices - IEDs