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Selous Scout Tracking - Elite Rhodesian Tracking Methods
Selous Scout Tracking
Elite Rhodesian Tracking Methods
© 2009
83 pages; 13 chapters
Have you heard of the Selous Scouts? Selous Scout Tracking? If you have or have not,
you may be one of the lucky ones who purchases
Selous Scout Tracking, an e-book that
describes the main
man tracking techniques of Rhodesia’s vaunted Selous Scouts.
Selous Scouts started out specializing in Selous Scout Tracking, but they became so
good at that, that the unit was enlarged into a desant (behind the lines) deep penetration unit
that carried out both external raids, and fielded pseudo guerrilla units. In the meantime,
Selous Scout Tracking techniques remained one of Rhodesia’s best man tracking
models, and the
Rhodesian combat forces had a lot of trained trackers in many different
units. In their way, the
Rhodesian forces were about ten times better than any high tech US
force every fielded. Read the e-book
Selous Scout Tracking and you might figure out why.
"Initially the Selous Scouts were organized into a 120-man company divided into 24-man platoons that were sub-divided
into eight-man sections (squads), the size of an average terrorist gang. The embryonic Scouts also included six tracker
teams of four men each. The tracking role was emphasized to the public as a security measure to mask the Scout's
pseudo operations. Officially, the Selous Scouts was a regiment of trackers and eventually the Scouts Tracker Combat
Unit grew to ninety men, mostly reservists. But those reservists were among the best trackers in Rhodesia because they
utilized the slightly unique Selous Scout methods of man-tracking.
Eventually the Scouts increased in size into a desant regiment of over 2,000 men, eighty percent of whom were deployed
in cross border operations. The Scouts were more rank heavy than conventional Rhodesian troop units so that there
would be less rapid turnover due to promotion."
Excerpt from Selous Scout Tracking
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Selous Scout Tracking - Elite Rhodesian Tracking Methods