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Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2 - Free China Fights Shanghai Communists
Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2
Free China Fights Shanghai Communists
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105 pages; 7 chapters
Ah, mysterious, inscrutable Orientals in 1930-45 were everywhere
in their throbbing metropolis of
Shanghai, which was better than
Vegas any time because it was real. It was an exciting time, in the
place known as
Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2. You
Shanghai was a very important place from 1930-45, the
destiny of the world was decided there. The fact that
was a British toehold in Asia for so long had a tremendous
influence on the growth of
communism there. Of course the
American military and intelligence supposedly did not discover the
sinister import of
Shanghai until 1945. (What a laugh!) A
gargantuan struggle ensued in the dark alleys of enigmatic and
Shanghai, the Communist Enclave of Asia in WW2.
It was there that a vast baby nursery of world communism was
clucked over by the international Comintern, greasy American
communists, and the sinister  “fatherly” minions of Uncle Joe
Stalin, dictator of mass murder incorporated. All the most evil
commies in the world gathered, murdered, schemed, and were
nursed to life in
Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2. Under
the violent and homicidal nurturance of Soviet and American
communists, new commie-vampire states were being formed in
China, Korea, and Indochina.
Shanghai was where the devil’s
spawn were taught the street methods of evil.
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"In March 1927, Chiang Kai-shek organized an anti-communist coup in Shanghai against the Communist puppet-masters
from the USSR, the USA and various western nations, as well as the many Chinese communist rats. Chaing outsmarted
the reds who were at that time were still, tutelary, allied with the Kuomintang (no alliance with any form of communist
means anything). Financed and armed with modern rifles and armored cars provided by the International Settlement, rich
Shanghai businessmen and Shanghai's most powerful gang leaders, thousands of Kuomintang police and hundreds of
anti-communist “gangsters” were ordered by Chiang to kill, or capture for interrogation, every Communist they could find.
In what later became known as the Shanghai Coup, between 5,000 and 10,000 communist “workers cadres”, Communist
puppet masters, communist “students,” and left-wing Kuomintang members (duplicates of the modern, treacherous US
conservatives) were killed in combat operations. Zhou Enlai, the red beast master, barely escaped. An important
subversive leader the communist traitor named Li Dazhous, was killed by slow strangulation in an attempt to get more
information on the extent of red subversion in China. It was as any anti-communist effort must be, a no-quarter, war to the
Attacks were then mounted by the Kuomintang against the Communist in Canton, Changsa and Nanjing. The
Communists were forced to go underground and set up their operations in the countryside in places like the caves
around Guilin and Vieng Xai. Chaing Kai-Shek’s forces failed to pursue the surviving communist cadres unto annihilation.
That mistake would cost freedom all of China, Korea and Indochina. Where were the Americans? The supposed interface
of the USA with free China was the forerunner of the useless, counter-productive CIA, the OSS. The OSS was infiltrated
by reds and pro-communists."
Excerpt from Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2
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Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2 - Free China Fights Shanghai Communists
Shanghai was very important to the communists, and they were all there. It was a long-term gathering of the most nefarious
killers and war criminals of all time. At first, it was business as usual in
Shanghai. No one resisted the commies who polluted
the streets and waterways with corpses. Then, the real integrity and courage of Chang Kai Shek’s (you love Shek, don’t you
my media zombie?) free
Chinese began to shine their light into every communist rat-infested garret in Shanghai. New free
Chinese leaders emerged in Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2, and those secret police freedom fighters struck
back hard. They used all the tools of the red menace against them. So the American media, trying to protect the commies as
usual, called them “Nazis,” “racists,” “torturers,” and “war criminals” (but never conservative), the usual commie pig puke. Yet
the forces of freedom under that
secret police savant Dai Lai, stubbornly replaced the corpses of the Chinese innocent
with the already maggot-infected, living dead, (now dead-dead), and piled them up as rotting sacrifices to the
god. Such tactics, including torture and other
communist tools turned on their creators, began to roll back the red power in
Shanghai. However, world communism has many powerful resources of wealth, subversion, and clandestinity. If you want to
know how the amateur
Shanghai secret police forces fared against the most evil commie-creature-infestation the world has
ever seen, read
Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2.