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Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando
Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando
Otto Skorzeny, Warrior Extraordinaire
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180 pages; 15 chapters and 3 appendix
Everyone has heard of the fantastic Waffen SS Special Warfare leader,
Otto Skorzeny,
who rocked the world with his many unique achievements
in the world of direct action and coup d’etat.
Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando
is a unique e-book that is different from the usual books on Skorzeny.
Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando we pay attention to the way Skorzeny
thought, his psychological make-up, and how those factors impinged upon
his astounding contributions to the world of asymmetrical warfare. The man
described in
Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando was in many ways a typical
Waffen SS officer. He was ideologically imbued with the SS fervor, as well as
being an adept of its premium advocacy of intellectual flexibility. The
Waffen SS
and Adolph Hitler operated from a position of mutual trust and élan enhancement
that is unknown in today’s micro-managed US Army. The
Waffen SS Commando
was actually given exhaustive intelligence reports on British commando concepts and operations, which he
cross-referenced with the methods of the NKVD to develop a useful mental frame of reference for the leadership of modern
special warfare/intelligence operatives. In that process,
Skorzeny had to re-invent the wheel in Germany because the
leftist dogmatists and treasonous scions of the German General Staff were opposed to the type of mental flexibility common
within the German Brandenbergers,
Skorzeny’s SS Commandos, and the German Luftwaffe. The General Staff’s
defense against such thinking consisted of name-calling (e.g. “the hobby of nazi fanatics”) and scorn (e.g. “special warfare
is nothing more than pin pricks”). The
Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando e-book tells the real story about the incredible
SS officer known as “the most dangerous man in Europe”.
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”Each dueling Paukant pair was separated, by their seconds, by one saber length or about 3 feet. The participants
would also have the length of their arms. The point of the sword could be plunged two feet beyond the opponent’s back
if the sword was fully thrust home. But of course that maneuver was disallowed by the rules.
A Paukant was not allowed to shorten or lengthen the three feet proscribed dueling space distance. A Paukant was not
allowed to back off or shift position. There was no bodily movement. The only allowed movement was the sword arm
itself. The left hand was placed behind the back, and the right hand held up in one of two general positions. Both of
those positions protected the right side of the face.
Much importance was placed upon the perfect maintenance of stance of the participant, since moving to avoid blows
with the body or foot was forbidden ("Mucken" or ducking.). Moreover, such movement was considered cowardly and
might be cause for premature cessation of the Mensur.
Forty courses were considered the norm for completion of the Mensur, 15 courses for a Fox (a “lesser duelists”). A
"course" was a predefined amount of strikes. The seconds kept track of them. If either of the 'Paukant' received
'Schmisse' (facial cuts) that were particularly serious, the contest would be considered satisfactorily completed at the
discretion of the attending physician (known as 'Bader'). In that event the 'Schmiss' would be sutured on site, although
without local anesthetic!
For a student and all of German Society, the badge of courage was the Schmiss (The dueling scar, or sometimes
called the Renommierschmiss, or bragging scar), mostly on the left side of the face, where blows would fall from a right-
handed duelist. This was borne by a generation of doctors, jurists, professors and officials, certifying the owner's claim
to manly stature. The dueling scar was certain to attract attention because it signified courage and breeding.”
Excerpt from Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando
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Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando