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Smashing Constitutional Rights - Obamanationís Population Control
Smashing Constitutional Rights
Obamanation’s Population Control
© 2010
151 pages; 11 chapters and 1 appendix
America is now under the control of a communist tyrant that is rapidly closing the noose
around all Americans. The target of Obama’s terror will be what he calls “the Kulaks,”
American white people. Ironically, he is using US tax dollars to pay for his terrorism.
Smashing Constitutional Rights is QuikManeuvers.com distillation of current Obama
government plans related to
smashing constitutional rights. Already Obama’s Homeland
Security Department has denied the existence of Islamic terrorists (already 9 million Muslims
have been imported into the US) and stated “the real terrorists are white veterans and
taxpayers.” Already over 600 concentration camps have been built within the US for political
prisoners and a total of 1500 concentration camps are being built that will hold 21 million
citizens. America’s
communist regime is planning and training for a public reign of terror
targeted on
smashing constitutional rights. It is the bedrock of the Obamanation’s
Population Control. If you want to know the extent of what America’s
communist elite are
planning for oppressed taxpayers, and options for thwarting it, read
Constitutional Rights.
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“Former President Bill Clinton has been a Marxist for decades and he proved it by ordering the taking of so many
American lives during his term of office. Clinton’s most shameful mass murder occurred at Waco Texas, over 15 years
ago. In Waco, USA government soldiers and secret police shot, blew up or burned to a crisp everyone of the nearly 100
Americans in the Branch Davidian religious compound. A federal government that smiled at and gave choice jobs to the
virulent murderers of the Weathermen terrorist organization ruthlessly murdered innocent Americans with a zeal borne of
racial and religious hatred.
The FBI hunter-killer battalion known as HRT was at Waco. Whenever a FBI HRT-killer unit deploys, they use US Army
Night Stalkers (armed helicopters) to get them in and out. The Night Stalkers have a website filled with occult symbols of
death, Greek mythical symbols, and writings mocking the creation story of the Bible, among many references to killing
and death.
The Delta Force wore the same black SWAT-style uniform as the FBI HRT agents, with the exception of a small insignia.
After the Brach Davidians routed the FBI and BATF, US Army killer teams were sent in supported by flamethrowers, tanks
and armed helicopters." They (Delta Force) were shooting people who were coming out of the building," a military source
described "I saw those FLIRS (murder films) right after the action. There was no gasping, or anything like that,(as the
American women and children exploded in founts of blood) which I found to be somewhat repugnant."
According to one US Army NCO: “ Delta Force is robotic killer unit. That's why they don't have many Special Forces
people as members. Typically they are Rangers who are less thoughtful about what they are required to do and will fire
when ordered to. Whereas the regular Special Forces guy is trained to think. He knows difference between a lawful order
and an unlawful order. "If Delta Force told to shoot somebody they will shoot them, you know, without question.” One
Texas observer explained it all: "We failed a test with Ruby Ridge and Waco. The American people failed miserably.
These were obvious tests, in a manner of speaking. They wanted to see how the American people would react to this
thing. Why in the world would they attack somebody like David Koresh?”
Excerpt from Smashing Constitutional Rights
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Smashing Constitutional Rights - Obamanationís Population Control