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Stalingrad Legacy - Stalingrad Secrets, after the Battle of Stalingrad
Solomon Islands Combat
Fighting the Imperial Japanese Army
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106 pages; 11 chapters and 2 appendice
Solomon Islands Combat is a unique e-book replete with many colorful
charts, sketches and photos. Although
Solomon Islands Combat is a
small e-book, every reader will soon learn the main aspects of the
Imperial Japanese Army and Navy troops that fought the Aussies and
Yankees in Guadalcanal and other deadly areas during
years of
Solomon Islands Combat
. For over three years, the bloody conflicts that
Solomon Islands Combat proved that the Imperial
Japanese Army soldiers and Marines
were better fighters than any
allied troops. “But how can that be, they lost?” many of you amateurs will
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"Individually, he is a good soldier; in fact, an excellent one. They very, very seldom give up but will fight until killed, even
after being badly wounded. Of a force of well over 700 that we wiped out, we were only able to take 34 prisoners, and 33
of them were so badly wounded that they couldn't do anything. We asked each one if they had been told that they would
be killed if captured and they said "No," but that they expected to be. All insisted that they would never be able to return
to Japan, so that probably is the answer.
The first bunch that hit my right flank at 3 a.m. on the 21st, evidently didn't realize that they were approaching our
positions. They were walking right in the edge of the surf and got tangled up in some barbwire that we had salvaged from
fences. They started jabbering so our bunch let go with everything they had. They immediately rushed our positions and it
was a grand mess for a few minutes. After driving them from our positions they took refuge right in the edge of the surf
underneath a 3-foot bank and there they stayed about 50 yards from our line. By that time their main force closed in and
tried to advance down the narrow sandspit; naturally, the slaughter was terrific. The rest of the main body had deployed
on the east side of the river--about 100 yards from our lines--and a beautiful fire fight continued for many hours. They
were well equipped with mortars, 70mm cannons, flame-throwers, and heavy machine guns."
Excerpt from Solomon Islands Combat
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Solomon Islands Combat - Fighting the Imperial Japanese Army
say. Or you may criticize theruthless and brutal Imperial Japanese way of war. You would be wrong, because being evil in
one country’s outlook is being hard soldiering in another’s. The
Imperial Japanese Army soldiers and Marines were
dangerously mean, tough as Krupp steel; they fought to the last man and they killed as many enemies as they could. While it’s
true that the
Imperial Japanese frequently went suicidal and lost everything when they might have won if they hung in there,
their front line combat skills remained excellent. It’s also true that a few of their weapons and many of their generals were
lousy. (Have you looked at American generals lately?)
Solomon Islands Combat will teach the reader about the military skills
of a great hard and lethal army.  Four
Imperial Japanese Army divisions could take both Iran and Iraq. Of course, they would
not follow “the rules,” and dead Muslims would lie in rotting piles for a thousand miles in every direction. But they would gain
victory and maintain control without one moment's thought about the stupid “laws of war.” (If you think war is something that
needs rules, you won’t last long in war.). The
Imperial Japanese Army soldiers were the type of feared fighters and
nightmare riders that most Americans can never understand. Any combat leader would be lucky to lead an
Japanese Army division in Solomon Islands Combat
. In addition, one of the chapters in Solomon Islands Combat
includes the best data available anywhere regarding how
Imperial Japanese Army officers calculated the combat power of
their units. Read, learn and maybe some idea of how to obtain
Imperial Japanese ferocity will rub off.