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South African Flying Columns
South African Flying Columns
20th SADF Bde Operational Art
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168 pages; 9 chapters and 2 appendixes
South African Flying Columns is an e-book that describes the operational
art of Flying Column combat
, especially its use by South Africa and
. Although both countries were subverted into defeat by foreign
agents and domestic traitors, their fights against Marxist black supremacists
provide lessons for the world. When communist armies began to launch raids
South Africa, the South African Defense Force (SADF) was forced to
react. Soon
South African Flying Columns were invading the enemy
homeland and slaughtering the well-equipped foe at a casualty rate of 15 to
South African Flying Columns proved that a small force of dedicated
white fighters could defeat the combined might of African black supremacists,
Russian advisers, Cuban army divisions, and troop contingents from all over
the communist world.
South African Flying Columns is a textbook explaining
how small, slashing columns of mobile troops can win, even in the jungles.
"Next morning the advance guard of the German flying column attacked the flank of the Russian forces, guarding the
Rollbahn, whose presence south of a small, swampy stream had been reported the day before. After a short, sharp
engagement in which both sides used tanks, the flank guard was thrown back across the river. American amphibian tanks
made their first appearance on the Russian front in this action, and six of them fell victim to antitank and panzer fire at
close range from a wooded area—three knocked out on land and three while crossing the small stream. Two amphibians
which were still serviceable were seized by the first German troops to gain the north bank.
In the afternoon the Germans launched an all-out flank attack while another force, including a panzer battalion, hit the
enemy rear. After a bitter fight the main attack caved in the enemy flank, and as the panzer thrust hit the rear, the entire
Russian defense collapsed. The 1st Panzer Division took up the pursuit."
Excerpt from South African Flying Columns

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South African Flying Columns