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Soviet Army Tank War - Eastern Front WW2
Soviet Army Tank War
Eastern Front WW2
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164 pages; 20 chapters
During World War II on the Eastern Front, the thousands of
Soviet tanks, which were a constant feature of every battle and
campaign, were absolutely essential to the
Soviet war effort. Nearly
every book about
World War II Soviet Army tank war is focused
upon pictures of
tanks and their descriptions. Even the most ignorant
writer can research such factoids and report them in huge books,
which include no
Soviet Army tank war secrets. They are secrets
because US war writers do not have understanding and access to
Soviet Army tank war details that are rich with illustrated
explanations that offer readers rare material. Modern readers
deserve more for their money.  
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"The period of the rushing of masses of tanks into a breakthrough is preceded by a methodical "gnawing" at the
whole tactical depth of the enemy defenses. As a rule, this "gnawing" is carried out by the breakthrough tanks in
close cooperation with infantry, artillery, and aviation.
Before discussing the basic principles governing this cooperation, it should be noted that the breakthrough tanks
are ordinary combat vehicles, primarily heavy tanks. Because of their powerful weapons, armor, and excellent
maneuverability, these machines are more suitable than other types of tanks for breaching fortified zones of enemy
What are the basic problems facing tanks and infantry cooperating in a breakthrough operation? It is generally
known that artillery is the worst enemy of the tank. Conversely, infantry losses result mainly from rifle, machine-gun,
and mortar fire. Consequently, the tanks, in order to advance, should sweep away with their fire and tracks, not only
artillery and personnel, but also enemy machine guns, mortars, etc.; while the infantry, in addition to its mission of
destroying machine guns and mortars, must assist the tanks by destroying enemy artillery. Thus, tanks and
infantry, while fulfilling their own specific tasks, help each other in executing their respective missions. Their
operations are aimed at one objective — the breaking up and destruction of the enemy's entire defense system.
This is quite logical."
Excerpt from Soviet Army Tank War
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Soviet Army Tank War - Eastern Front WW2
Soviet Army Tank War is an e-book greatly influenced by a number of experienced Soviet Army officers who were
able to describe their outlook and combat experiences in a reader-friendly manner. Most chapters of
Soviet Army
Tank War
include well drawn illustrations that enhance reader understanding of the concept or battle described.
Although some of the typical
Soviet exaggeration of Red Army prowess mars many chapters, the descriptions included
Soviet Army Tank War are especially selected because of their clarity and the combat utility of their revelations.