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Soviet Antitank Fronts - Soviet Antitank Tactics WW2
Soviet Antitank Fronts
Soviet Antitank Tactics WW2
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258 pages; 23 chapters and 2 appendixes
Soviet Antitank Fronts is an e-book that provides all the information anyone
would ever need about
Soviet Antitank tactics and organization. In Soviet
Antitank Fronts
the reader will discover aspects of Soviet antitank combat
found nowhere else in a book like
Soviet Antitank Fronts. The war on the
Eastern Front in WW2 was the main war, and it was pure war. At the epicenter
of the combat were three primary factors, 1) intelligence and security, 2) tanks,
and 3)
antitank weapons, plus two secondary factors: aircraft and artillery. If
the Germans had retained a vast superiority in any of those five factors, they
could probably have won the main war.
Soviet Antitank Fronts focuses upon
the importance of
antitank weapons, deployment and tactics to the Red Army
and drives home the importance of that shield, which stopped so many excellent
German panzer operations.
Review Table of Contents
"During the preparation of a firing position in open terrain, erect a reliable shelter with overhead cover made of
wooden beams or other available material with an earthen embankment. Prepare covered connecting trenches
("whiskers") 15-25 meters in various directions both toward your own lines and toward your dugouts. Construct your
dugouts (firing positions) in the form of circular platforms with the capability to fire in all directions.
In all cases camouflage the firing positions so that they blend in with the surrounding terrain.
During times of heavy artillery and mortar fire, take cover in the shelter. Upon the approach of enemy tanks, quickly
occupy a position and engage them in frontal fire.
When preparing the firing position on the edge of a forest, shift your dugouts somewhat forward, camouflaging it with
bushes. Trim the grass and bushes in your firing sector.
In a built-up area set up your firing position in buildings, sheds, ruins, and other structures or close to them."
Excerpt from Soviet Antitank Fronts
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Soviet Antitank Fronts - Soviet Antitank Tactics WW2