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Soviet Armored Train Tactics in Combat
Soviet Armored Train Tactics
Red Armored Trains in Combat
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151 pages; 12 chapters and 2 appendixes
Soviet Armored Train Tactics is a unique e-book because it is
one of the few military history books available on the subject of
armored trains that discusses tactics. Most Soviet armored
books are full of long lists of various armored train
categories, including pictures.
Soviet Armored Train Tactics
discusses the meat of the matter, what matters to soldiers,
Soviet armored train tactics. Soviet Armored Train Tactics
how Soviet commanders led armored train units
into combat
and describes actual battles. To most history
readers that is the most important aspect of
armored trains.
Review Table of Contents
“In October 23rd, 1941, an armored train, named №2 "Za Rodinu", manned largely with local volunteers, under command
of A.L.Bondarenko departed the Voroshilovgrad plant and deployed at Rodakovo (large rail station not far from
Voroshilovgrad). Soon, it was subordinated to the Soviet 18th Army and redeployed closer to Rostov-na-Dony, where
Germans made efforts to capture it. From that moment on the armored train was constantly in action holding the
defensive line between Rovenki and Zapovednaja, and protecting the railroad Donbass-Rostov-Moscow. The armored
train fought with German tanks near Novoshakhtinsk, and destroyed German groups penetrating the frontline along
Novocherkassk-Shakhty rail line. Inevitably in was drawn into the First Battle of Rostov.”
Excerpt from Soviet Armored Train Tactics
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Soviet Armored Train Tactics in Combat