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Soviet Army War Book - Red Army War Combat Principles
Soviet Army War Book
Red Army War Combat Principles
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262 pages; 14 chapters
QuikManeuvers.com is proud to announce that its investigative
reporters have uncovered another historical artifact that is also an
excellent source of raw information on many levels. In the 1930s,
Red Army professionals wrote a Soviet Army war book that
spelled out Red Army combat principles, which were abided by
throughout WW2.
Soviet Army War Book explains the Soviet
thinking on all aspect of warfighting, which the Red Army
wanted its generals to become masters of. Those who read
Army War Book
will soon understand that the Red Army in World
War II
was a brutal warfighting machine with some unexpected
refinements. In fact, the description of the
Red Army found in US
bookstores actually is a description of the
US Army, not the Red
. For example the Red Army understood command, the
Review Table of Contents
"It is impossible to be equally strong on all fronts. (In World War II, Eisenhower’s “Broad Front Strategy” was nothing more
than steamroller tactics attempting to apply equal pressure on all fronts simultaneously.) To ensure success it is
necessary to shift forces and materiel so as to gain a decisive advantage over the enemy in the crucial area. In secondary
areas only sufficient forces are needed to hold the enemy down.
Surprise Paralyzes
That is why all combat actions must be conducted with maximum camouflage and speed. The speed of combat
operations, together with appropriate organization, good mobility and good terrain use, while keeping track of enemy air
activity, is the basic prerequisite for success in combat. Those troops can always count on being successful who comply
quickly with commands, regroup quickly upon changes in the situation, make a quick transition from a rest period, quickly
assume their battle formation and open fire, attack quickly, and pursue the enemy."
Excerpt from Soviet Army War Book
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Soviet Army War Book - Red Army War Combat Principles
US Army attempts to understand its emphasize on control and micromanagement. The Russian/Red Army knew all about
warfighting, Operational Art, and the three levels of war several centuries ago. The US Army discovered the concepts in
1985 when Polish generals told them about it. (They said “Wow!”) If you want to understand how the
Red Army thought and
what constituted the skills of a
Soviet Army general read Soviet Army War Book. If you want to know the same thing about
US Army generals, read the curriculum of Harvard Business School’s “special tutorial courses for US generals.”