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Soviet Artillery Tactics - Red Arty Fire Control: 1941-44
Soviet Artillery Tactics
Red Arty Fire Control: 1941-44
© 2010
154 pages; 9 chapters
Soviet Artillery Tactics is a very interesting e-book that
explains in a fascinating way, how
Soviet artillery
were employed in several battles on the Eastern
Front in
WW2. More importantly, Soviet Artillery
brings into the reader’s focused mental frame, a
clear and mind-grabbing explanation of how
artillery tactics
influenced Soviet combined arms battles
in 1941, 1942 and 1944.  Short detailed e-books like
Soviet Artillery Tactics are the building blocks of
military understanding and expert thinking, which comes
only from the study of expert descriptions of actual
combat by veteran war-fighters.
Review Table of Contents
"The large-scale defensive battle in the area reaching from north and northwest of Orel to northeast of Bryansk had
drawn to a close at the end of March 1942, after immense losses of men had been inflicted on the Russians before the
German defensive front, which, although it had been integrated at the end of February, had been subjected to great
Both sides endeavored to withdraw units from the line for rehabilitation by spreading other units more thinly along their
respective fronts. They also endeavored to bolster the fighting power of the units remaining in position by intensive
construction of fortifications. But they immediately sought to destroy particular enemy installations and to hinder each
other's preparations for attack. Static warfare began, with all its peculiarities."
Excerpt from Soviet Artillery Tactics
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Soviet Artillery Tactics - Red Arty Fire Control: 1941-44