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Soviet Battles in Afghanistan Against Islamic Terrorists
Soviet Battles in Afghanistan
Red Army Fights Islamic Terrorists
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278 pages; 8 chapters and multiple vignettes
Soviet Battles in Afghanistan is an e-book for military professional and
those who want to learn. Although
Breaker McCoy salts over 95% of the e-
books offered by QuikManeuvers.com with his uniquely expert brand of
fearlessly factual input,
Soviet Battles in Afghanistan stands alone in that
respect. In
Soviet Battles in Afghanistan, Breaker McCoy takes on so-
called experts from the
Red Army Frunze Academy and one of the Pentagon’
s typical journalists, in analyzing
Red Army small unit tactics used during 49
separate fire fights in Afghanistan. Many people, at least in the fan mail, have
Breaker McCoy as “an expert in several areas of warfighting and
espionage.” “None is harder or more ruthless,” they say. Now those who read
Soviet Battles in Afghanistan will see how he fares against the Red Army’s
Frunze Academy
and the bureaucratic Pentagon. Then they can make up
their own minds. Remember, when you read this e-book you will not be reading
a skewed interpretation by America’s Marxist media, you will make up your own
mind. The
Red Army’s Frunze Academy will not decide for you. That is the
QuikManeuvers.com way.
"Breaker’s Commentary:
The Soviet airborne battalion should have inserted a recon patrol two nights before the operation. Their findings should
have influenced the operation’s maneuver options in a recon-pull situation.
Any professional soldier who studied a map of the operational area would have noted that the approach route to the
target village could have been enfiladed by fire from the Sherkhankel Village. The adobe wall on the left and the canal on
the right (see map) was a death trap for anyone using the road.
The operation should have evolved like this:
(1) A para company should have occupied the small woods on the left side of the road. Its dual mission would be to
enfilade the rear of the enemy, cover the artillery position on the left, and turn the predictable enemy withdrawal route into
a killing zone.
(2) The rest on the battalion should have assembled behind the company in the woods and be prepared to advance into
a left envelopment around and through the large woods near Sherkhankel Village.
(3) In the interim, the recon patrol with helicopter fire support on call should have maneuvered to where it could direct
artillery fire into the forward edge of Sherkhankel Village."
Excerpt from Soviet Battles in Afghanistan
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Soviet Battles in Afghanistan Against Islamic Terrorists