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Soviet Combat Engineers - Red Army Engineers, WW2
Soviet Combat Engineers
Red Army Engineers, WW2
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377 pages; 31 chapters and 2 appendix
The e-book, Soviet Combat Engineers includes many facts and details about
World War II Red Army sappers that are found nowhere else. Soviet Combat
describes Soviet defensive engineer activity, special engineer task
groups, sapper assault troops and tactics, and Soviet utilization of engineers in
river crossing operations. Some of the information in
Soviet Combat
can be found nowhere else. Soviet Combat Engineers also
describes the fact that many of the so-called innovative
Soviet Combat
ideas were borrowed from the Germans and modified.  Soviet
Combat Engineers
is an eye-opening e-book.
Review Table of Contents
“All of a sudden, however, Red Army resistance stiffened again. The German spearheads   quite unexpectedly
encountered heavily mined tree branch obstacles tied together with barbed wire, which proved impossible to
overcome quickly.  Attempts to blast the obstacles showed that behind the leading obstacles there were rows and
rows of others, which were even more difficult to remove, and which were covered by heavy defensive fire.  For the
first time that day, a lively artillery barrage started, which as it was reinforced by heavy trench mortar fire   made any
further advance impossible.
Soon it became evident that during the preceding days the Soviets had established a heavily fortified area on the
western bank of the Donets River.  In the event of a reverse, which he considered possible in the light of his most
recent experience, he had intended to hold the fortified forest area under all circumstances. The area was a kind of
“emergency bridgehead" which was intended to save the enemy another costly crossing of the river if the worst came.  
All attempts by the Germans to eliminate that thorn in their awn side failed.”
Excerpt from Soviet Combat Engineers
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Soviet Combat Engineers - Red Army Engineers, WW2