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Soviet Front Encirclement Operations - Red Army Encirclement of Axis Units
Soviet Front Encirclement Operations
Red Army Encirclement of Axis Units
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60 pages; 4 chapters
Soviet Front Encirclement Operations provides the reader with a short but
incisive explanation of the preparation and execution of
Red Army Front
(Army Group) encirclement operations
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Soviet Front
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“In the course of the Great Patriotic War, the efforts of the main mass of men and weapons on the offensive side were
concentrated on the axis of the front's main thrust. Since the regrouping of Soviet Front forces in the course of the
operation toward the threatened flank was not planned previously, such maneuvers involved great difficulties,
particularly with extended and shallow battle formations. As a consequence of this the flanks of the assault groupings
were the most vulnerable.
The advancing Soviet troops were often deprived of the possibility of reinforcing their flanks, particularly in those
instances when the main forces were tied down by the enemy on the front. In the course of pursuit, such a situation
arose in line with the lack of units and formations assigned to cover the flanks. For this reason support for the flanks
of the assault groupings in the course of offensive operations was one of the main tasks for the commanders of the
fronts and their staffs.
An analysis of the offensive operations during the first period indicates that the command and the staffs of the fronts
did not pay sufficient attention to the questions of supporting the flanks of the assault groupings. In the first place, it
was not always possible to assign the necessary men and weapons for this. Secondly, their size, missions and
procedure for cooperation were often not established ahead of time. In a majority of instances the questions of
supporting the flanks were examined hurriedly, with a direct threat of enemy attack. All of this at times led to the
incompleteness of the advance or to its aborting.”
Excerpt from Soviet Front Encirclement Operations
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Soviet Front Encirclement Operations - Red Army Encirclement of Axis Units