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Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39, Twenty Year War Against Domestic Communism
Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39
Twenty Year War Against Domestic Communism
Written by: Jackson Campbell
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220 pages; 14 chapters
Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39 is another unique QuikManeuvers.com
expose that reveals authentic history that has been suppressed by American
academia and publishers.
Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39 tells the true
story (somewhat abbreviated) of what happened in Germany for twenty years.
Those years (1919-39) have been totally blacked out by communists who have
controlled what Americans know for the past seventy-one years. What is told
herein is a shameful secret so easily withheld from the American public for over
seven decades. It is that suppression of truth that has resulted in the takeover
of the US government by communists allied with Moslems and afrocentrists in
2008. Seven decades of secrets, distortions, lies and repressions have
vanguarded the current de-Constitutionalization of the USA by multiculturalism
and afrocentrism, bodyguarded by communist media orchestrated political
There is much to be learned from what happened in Germany during 20 years
of a war that readers never heard of. For example, every US historian allowed to
publish anything claims that, "post-war Germany suffered from massive inflation
and unemployment which the [demon] Hitler blamed on the innocent Jews and
thus suckered the German people into Nazi enslavement." That is all a complete
and sustained (for over 70 years) fabrication. An introduction to the truth is
contained in
Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39. Shake hands with the
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"At Munich's Luitpold High School in 1920, a large number of anticommunists and German Army veterans were
imprisoned by the "Red Army." Soldiers of the Levine regime aka, "the Bavarian Soviet Republic", then began the process
that all communists employ whenever possible. They began to mass murder their tortured, hostages. In small groups, the
hostages were led out into the gray light. Some were placed up against a wall in the courtyard and shot. Others were
"killed by having their heads smashed in with rifle butts." Among the first victims to have their brains splattered were three
World War I veterans and young, pretty Countess, Heila von Westarp,  a secretary for the Thule Society--a German
patriot group whose symbol was the swastika.
In the meantime, Munich children sneaked through the Red cordon around the city to tell the Free Corps about the
ongoing red slaughter. The outnumbered Free Corps immediately stormed Munich, the fighting was bloody as local
citizens armed with clubs and knives fought Red units armed with rifles and machine guns. Flame throwers were used in
house to house fighting, frying the reds to a brighter shade of pale. Free Corps soldiers were furious because Russians,
who had been defeated on the battlefields of Russia, were now controlling Bavaria and many German cities. The next day
the city was secured and the Munich Revolutionary temple became the Munich Cathedral Church again. The Bavarian
Soviet Republic was doomed but the war would last for eighteen more years."
Excerpt from Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39
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Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39, Twenty Year War Against Domestic Communism