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Soviet Naval Combat, WW2 e-book about Soviet Navy in WW2
Soviet Naval Combat, WW2
Icy Graves and Bloody Waves
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73 pages; 5 chapters and 3 appendixes
Soviet Naval Combat, WW2 describes the interesting methods that the
Soviet Navy employed in combat in WW2. In many ways the Soviet
operated like an army on the sea and Soviet Naval Combat, WW2
utilized the maneuver features of Operational Art. The material in
Naval Combat, WW2
was translated from original Soviet Navy
documents, rewritten for clarity and reinforced by interesting combat
charts and drawings.
Soviet Naval Combat, WW2 is your ticket to entry
Soviet naval combat thinking in WW2. (Includes pro-communist
propaganda.) Most aficionados of
WW2 are understandably more
interested in ground combat. QuikManeuvers.com believes that a periodic
infusion of interesting data on naval and air combat allows a greater
perspective, especially if it is written by experts.
Review Table of Contents
"Accurate information on enemy mine fields was of great importance in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of Soviet
submarine operations. Reconnaissance of the sea lanes also disclosed the points of origin and destination of enemy
convoys and individual transports, the time of their setting to sea and route, the degree of communications traffic as
well as the composition and tactics of the escort forces. For these purposes the fleets used various forces including
aviation, submarines and surface vessels, shore radio intercept stations and visual observation posts as well as
reconnaissance groups landed on the enemy shore."
Excerpt from Soviet Naval Combat, WW2
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Soviet Naval Combat, WW2 e-book about Soviet Navy in WW2