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Soviet Naval Infantry
Soviet Naval Infantry
Red Marines, World War 2
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307 pages; 22 chapters and 7 appendixes
Soviet Naval Infantry is the best e-book on the subject available anywhere. Every
aspect of
Soviet naval infantry organization, operations and equipment of World
War 2
is described thoroughly. Soviet Naval Infantry is now available to
Quikmaneuvers.com readers with exhaustive detail about the
Soviet Naval infantry.  
There are many maps, pictures and charts in
Soviet Naval Infantry. On several
Soviet Naval infantry was like an adjunct Red Army. They were sometimes
armed better, and frequently fought better than new
Red Army recruits, so the Soviet
Naval infantry
was used whenever possible. Of course, the Germans were not awed
by them, and cut them to pieces like pine saplings before a chain saw. It is all there in
the e-book,
Soviet Naval Infantry.
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"The Germans bombed the HQ of the Soviet 42nd Special Brigade and as a result command was passed to the 92nd
Naval Infantry Brigade.  The staff of the 92nd panicked, left their men, settled on Golodny Island in the middle of the
Volga, and began issuing false messages about the progress of the battle. Suspicious of the reports issuing from the
HQ of 92nd Naval Infantry Brigade, Chuikov sent staff officers to investigate. They were killed before they could
report anything.  In the morning of 26 September, the German 94th Infantry and 29th Motorized Infantry Divisions
attacked the two Soviet brigades south of the Tsaritsa Ravine. Already under pressure from the Germans, the men of
the 92nd Naval Infantry Brigade then discovered their leaders had abandoned them. The sailors rushed back to
cross the Volga River. Many were killed by the Germans, and many drowned.  The commander of the machine-gun
battalion, Major Yakovlev, rallied those who remained on the west bank and held off several German attacks by the
94th and 24th Panzer Divisions over the next 24 hours.  The 267th Rifle Regiment of the Soviet 94th Rifle Division was
also involved in that fighting. On September 27 the remains of the 92nd Naval Infantry Brigade and the 42nd Special
Brigade were evacuated to the east bank to regroup."
Excerpt from Soviet Naval Infantry
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Soviet Naval Infantry