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Soviet Operational Defense -  tactics, operational art, or strategy
Soviet Operational Defense
How to Beat an Operational Level Offense
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207 pages; 10 chapters
Most war history books are written either as a dull recapitulation of facts or as
colorful picture books featuring photos of tanks and artillery. Most history authors
know little to nothing about
tactics, operational art, or strategy, except what they
borrow from skewed US Army manuals. When it comes to understanding
operational art, or strategy
, the knowledge of most military authors is worthless.
Soviet Operational Defense is QuikManeuvers.com’s answer to that literary
deficit. In the e-book,
Soviet Operational Defense, the very complicated Soviet
intellectual gymnastics required to create a successful answer to the German
Wehrmacht assault on Moscow is explained for our readers. (At Quikmaneuvers.com
writing is a martial art.) The very essence of the amalgam of
Soviet Operational
, coupled with Soviet Operational Offense, and the imaginative new
Soviet military innovations that support them, are explained thoroughly.  But that’s
not all.
Soviet Operational Defense brings to life certain key aspects of unique
warfighting methods (
tactics, operational art, or strategy) that no other army in
the world has mastered. If you want to skim along that knife edge of military
intellectualism, unknown in the US Army, but well known in the
Soviet Army, mount
up, its time to rock and roll.
Review Table of Contents
"On receiving a directive to shift the army to the counteroffensive, the army commander usually did not change a
functional operational grouping. The creation of strike groups and other groupings usually arose on the basis of the most
combat-effective formations and units of the army, as well as those newly arrived as a result of conducting minor
regrouping within the army. They would usually be organized on the axis where the enemy was offering least resistance
or was beginning to withdraw covered by strong rear guards. A defensive grouping would be established where the enemy
was continuing strong resistance."
Excerpt from Soviet Operational Defense
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Soviet Operational Defense -  tactics, operational art, or strategy