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Soviet Partisans, Small Unit Tactics
Soviet Partisans, Small Unit Tactics
Red Army Troops Disguised as Partisans
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170 pages; 10 chapters
QuikManeuvers.com presents the first e-book extant on Soviet Partisans, Small Unit
. In this e-book the reader will learn many things that he did not know about
Soviet Partisans of World War 2. For example, Soviet Partisans, Small Unit
begins with revealing that Soviet partisans were actually Red Army
pretending to be Soviet partisans. Almost none of the Soviet peoples
volunteered to fight as
partisans behind the lines. Soviet Partisans, Small Unit
describes the many different tactics used by Soviet partisans attempting to
defeat the Axis powers from 1941 to 1944. Also included in
Soviet Partisans, Small
Unit Tactics
are accurate descriptions of selected battles between German troops
Red Army “Partisans,” including color maps.
Review Table of Contents
“Partisan warfare knows neither tactical rules nor generally applicable forms. The foe is unpredictable and
unscrupulous. His weapons are usually of simple design and limited in numbers. In the East these weapons become
dangerous because of the wilyness and trickery with which they are used, because of the in-human self-sufficiency and
the cruelty of those who use them and because of their mobility, since they are seemingly independent of a supply
system. Additional factors are the proficiency in camouflage of the partisan units end the ruthless terrorism which they
exert against the population of their own country. Success in partisan warfare depends not so much on the observance
of certain principles or on the doctrinaire application of methods which, in individual instances have proved their worth
but on a systematic determination of all factors which in any specific case might influence the enemy, his command, his
communications, his logistics, his mobility end his relations with the population. The larger the number of practical
examples available for the study of these factors, the better trained will be the imagination and understanding of those
who may be called on to lead the fighting against partisans which, under contemporary conditions of warfare, may
become the mission of all military commanders. It is in this spirit that the following examples drawn from small unit
tactics during World War II on the Eastern Front should be read.”
Excerpt from Soviet Partisans, Small Unit Tactics
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Soviet Partisans, Small Unit Tactics