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Soviet Partisans Hand-to-Hand Manual for Red Partisans
Soviet Partisans Hand-to-Hand
Hand-To-Hand Manual for Red Partisans
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59 pages; 7 chapters
Soviet Partisans Hand-to-Hand is an actual copy of a translated (to
French and English)
hand-to-hand combat manual. Soviet
Partisans Hand-to-Hand
describes Red Army techniques of bayonet
fighting, spade fighting, knife fighting and unarmed combat. The
translation and preparation of the e-book,
Soviet Partisans
was carefully constructed so that it would retain the
look of the original
manual. However, an extra chapter has been
added which describes elite Spetsnaz spade fighting.
Review Table of Contents
“In the hands of a spetsnaz soldier the spade is a terrible noiseless weapon and every member of spetsnaz gets much
more training in the use of his spade then does the infantryman. The first thing he has to teach himself is precision: to
split little slivers of wood with the edge of the spade or to cut off the neck of a bottle so that the bottle remains whole. He
has to learn to love his spade and have faith in its accuracy. To do that he places his hand on the stump of a tree with the
fingers spread out and takes a big swing at the stump with his right hand using the edge of the spade. Once he has
learnt to use the spade well and truly as an axe he is taught more complicated things. The little spade can be used in
hand-to-hand fighting against blows from a bayonet, a knife, a fist or another spade. A soldier armed with nothing but the
spade is shut in a room without windows along with a mad dog, which makes for an interesting contest. (Yes, the Russian
cares nothing about animal or human life and will take both with rapid, guiltless satisfaction.)
The infantry spade does not have a folding handle, and this is a very important feature. It has to be a single monolithic
object. All three of its edges are as sharp as a knife. It is painted with a green matt paint so as not to reflect the strong
The spade is not only a tool and a measure, it is also a guarantee of the steadfastness of the infantry in the most difficult
situations. If the infantry have a few hours to dig themselves in, it could take years to get them out of their holes and
trenches, whatever modern weapons are used against them.”
Excerpt from Soviet Partisans Hand-to-Hand
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Soviet Partisans Hand-to-Hand Manual for Red Partisans