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Soviet Partisans: The Truth - Red Army Irregular Combat
Soviet Partisans: The Truth
Red Army Irregular Combat
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133 pages; 11 chapters and 2 appendixes
The Russian communists have told thousands of lies since the 1920s.
Nearly all of those lies have been swallowed by the ignorant masses of the
West under the tutelage of their Marxist media masters. As is repeatedly
pointed out in
Soviet Partisans: The Truth, many lies were also told about
communist “partisans.” Yet no book entitled Soviet Partisans: The
would be complete if it did not describe a number of the most important
and precise fact sets about
communist partisans. For example soviet
were not really partisans. They were Red Army troops, NKVD
killers, and
communist functionaries. Such communist partisan fact sets
are frequently overlooked in all western books about
soviet partisans. That
is why
Soviet Partisans: The Truth is so important as the progenitor of a
series of factual books featuring much true evidence regarding
Partisans: the Truth
. Of course, the thousands of western communist
puppets masquerading as historians and military writers will dispute out facts,
although we have included root sources for them. We will advance against
them aggressively since we known them as cunning and evil stooges of
tyranny. Marxist America’s political correctness style and free speech
suppression makes our swords and shields necessary for carving pathways
of truth through the screaming and fanatic ranks of mankind’s enemies. They
want to kill us because, in the hands of QuikManeuvers.com,
writing is a
martial art.
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“During the various stages of the war, the tasks of the partisan formations leaving for raids varied. In 1941-1942,
these consisted in developing a partisan movement in new areas and establishing contact with local detachments. A
typical example of this was the raid by a group of partisan detachments under the command of V.Z. Korzh in March
1942. This group fought its way through six rayons of Minsk Oblast, it attacked the enemy traffic control services and
police sections, it disrupted communications and carried mass political work among the population. In the course of
the raid the Minsk Party Obkom established direct contact with those underground rayoms, party organizations and
groups contact with which had been maintained solely through liaison workers. "The first raid through Belorussia,"
wrote the raid's organizer, the secretary of the Minsk Party Obkom, V.I. Kozlov, in his memoirs, "was of enormous
benefit. It strengthened ties with the masses, it raised the authority of the partisan movement and almost doubled the
number of fighters." As a communist Kozlov was bound to lie and so he did. Although the Red Army “Partisan”
offensive was welcomed by local party members, the mass of the people were horrified and frightened by the behavior
of the communists and were reminded that the tyranny they had suffered for years was now gleefully murdering them
again, Thus more hatred was inspired.”
Excerpt from Soviet Partisans: The Truth
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Soviet Partisans: The Truth - Red Army Irregular Combat