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Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets - Stalinís Spin of What They Revealed
Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets
Stalin’s Spin of What They Revealed
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140 pages; 8 chapters
Just before WW2, in 1940, all the world was blanketed with Soviet
pre-WW2 spy nets
. While spy nets sponsored by the NKVD and
GRU brought in the best and precise reports on enemy secrets,
Stalin was secretly planning the invasion of Germany. Stalin’s
secret and wholly evil plots involved his
Soviet pre-WW2 ppy
in his invasion plans for Germany, in a most sinister way.
That is why
Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets deals with dual issues,
Soviet spy nets themselves and how Stalin used and
liquidated much of those
Soviet pre-WW2 spy nets. In the e-
Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets, the reader will learn much that
he has never heard of before.
Review Table of Contents
"The NKVD, Stalin’s major spy organization before and during WW2, was purged and repurged, with thousands of
skilled spies being murdered by their master, “Papa Joe” Stalin, for reasons they never knew.  Imagine the width and
depth of that evil, thousands of loyal, highly skilled spies liquidated. Then thousands more recruited and trained, and
then most of them were liquidated too.
Amazingly those spy purges did not seem to hurt the Soviet spy effort. Why? For two reasons: (1) The surviving spies
remained loyal because they were terrified. (2) The Soviet spy doctrine is the best organized and implemented in the
The creation of the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) was not only an act of self-preservation on Lenin's part from the
ravages of the Tcheka, but also a concession to Trotsky.  The GRU, like the KGB, has been through several name
changes in its history usually coordinated with one purge or another; before WW2 it was called 'Registraupr', later
Excerpt from Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets
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Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets - Stalinís Spin of What They Revealed