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Soviet Razvedka Secrets - Red Army Intelligence & Reconnaissance
Soviet Razvedka Secrets
Red Army Intelligence & Reconnaissance
© 2013
116 pages; 12 chapters
Soviet Razvedka Secrets is an e-book about Soviet Army
reconnaissance and intelligence units
and efforts. The Soviet Army
of the USSR was the last world-class professional army when it was
disbanded during the Soviet Union’s economic collapse in the 1990s.
Soviet Razvedka Secrets describes the efficient organization and
operation of no less than fifteen different types of
Soviet Razvedka
Reconnaissance and Intelligence Units) during the time that the
Soviet Army flourished after World War II. Soviet Razvedka Secrets
clearly explains and illustrates the machinations of each type of
The efforts of highly trained professional
Soviet Razvedka personnel
resulted in the
Soviet Army being able to count on the best intelligence
reports available to any armed forces in the world.
Soviet Razvedka
traces the power and performance of Soviet Razvedka from
World War II until just before the Soviet Army was disbanded.
Review Table of Contents
"The Soviets have acknowledged that serious intelligence failures played a significant role in the outcome of operations
during the first two years of World War II. The Soviets, however, learned from those failures, and, by the summer of
1943, they had created an effective, complex system for intelligence collection and processing. This new system bore
fruit in the last two years of war, during which effective Soviet razvedka provided the basis for successful Soviet
deception and for operational and strategic victory.
The Soviets emerged from the war with a healthy respect for all types of razvedka. While appreciating and employing
more sophisticated means such as air, agent, and radio, they also emerged from war with an understanding that
effective tactical razvedk… the sum of often petty and mundane acts, could produce profound results."
Excerpt from Soviet Razvedka Secrets
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Soviet Razvedka Secrets - Red Army Intelligence & Reconnaissance