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Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics: Fighting at the Micro-Tactical Level WWII
Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics
Fighting at the Micro-Tactical Level WWII
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282 pages; 25 chapters and 1 appendix
Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics is a digest of battle experience;
Soviet officers helped write it. Each concept described herein has
been tested on the battlefield hundreds of times, and some of it is
described in the actual words of combat veterans now residing in
communism's version of Valhalla. If you have the requisite personal traits
and learn
Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics by heart, you too
could command a
Soviet rifle battalion.
Red Army regimental and battalion commanders were better at their
tasks of coordinating
Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics than any
other army's
battalion commanders, except the Germans and Finns. In
Red Army regimental and battalion commanders were trained in
methods of
Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics directly copied from
the Germans who gave away too many combat secrets to the communists
in the 1920s in return for use of secret
Red Army training grounds.
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"Soviet infantry units are characterized by great strength in automatic weapons and mortars. Their tactical motorized
mobility was low because they had less organic transport until late in the war. However Soviet rifle regiments and
battalion were faster than average foot-mobile ground pounders, especially when advancing. Their moving weight was
low compared to similar U. S. units, and as a result their maneuverability was better.
Soviet rifle regiments (less their supply trains), rifle battalions, and rifle companies had horse transport only but they
could easily move across country even in difficult terrain. The supply capacity of Soviet rifle units was adequate even
for heavy combat, but their maintenance facilities were inadequate and had to be supplemented by army resources."
Excerpt from Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics
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Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics: Fighting at the Micro-Tactical Level WWII
The efficacy of Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics emerged because it is the bloody spawn of the catastrophic
attrition experienced when any army fought the German Wehrmacht. Thus the
Red Army was constantly forced to move
poorly trained
regimental and battalion commanders into the thousands of infantry leader slots always open. In most
cases those
Red Army battalion commanders would be commanding battalions consisting mostly of untrained recruits, until
they met the usual quick death assigned to them by destiny.
For the professional soldier, or the soldier who seeks professionalism, there is nothing better to study than the experiences
and thinking of the twin exemplars of
World War II combat, the German Wehrmact and the Soviet Armed Forces. Soviet
Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics
offers unique analysis and facts, which facilitate understanding of a most important aspect
of conventional warfare. It is a manual for warfighting.