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Soviet SpyMaster Manual
Soviet SpyMaster Manual
Red Spy Webs, How-To
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207 pages; 17 chapters and 1 special report
Soviet SpyMaster Manual is an edited version of an actual Soviet spy
for spymasters, or as they call them residents . For those interested in
espionage, tradecraft and the methods of spies Soviet SpyMaster Manual
is an e-book that will provide the
How-To information that true spy
require. As an e-book, Soviet SpyMaster Manual is unique and
one of a kind, and focuses upon some of the most important factors of
managing a spy web. It is a worthy addition to the QuikManeuvers.com library
of over 50
spy manuals and guide books. Soviet SpyMaster Manual utilizes
the Soviet doctrine of
espionage and clandestinity, which makes it even more
valuable. Of special interest to readers will be the excellent diagrams produced
by KGB experts in Moscow. A selection of those diagrams inside
Soviet Spy
Master Manual
, explains how more intricate Soviet tradecraft is practiced,
and are quite rare.
Review Table of Contents
“Of all aspects of agent work the most crucial is that of personal meetings. The frequency, content, and duration of
meetings and the conditions under which they are held depend on many circumstances. It is not necessary to have
frequent meetings with a well-trained and conscientious agent who has secret writing materials and photographic
equipment, a system of reliable dead drops and signals, and one-way radio communications with the Center. With
such agents personal meetings can be held at intervals of one and a half to two years and sometimes even longer,
without detriment.”
Excerpt from Soviet SpyMaster Manual
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Soviet SpyMaster Manual