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Special Forces Cryptology Codes and Ciphers
Special Forces Cryptology Course
Codes and Ciphers
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82 pages; 8 chapters
The Special Forces Cryptology Course enables the reader to understand
codes and ciphers
. Although unbreakable computerized encryption programs are
currently available, it behooves the reader to understand how he can send coded
messages by other means. The
cryptology course included in this book, was
developed at the special warfare center over 20 years ago, and is considered by
experts to be obsolete. However, the
lessons in cryptology, codes, and ciphers
included in the
Special Forces Cryptology Course and other material in this
book will prove quite useful to any reader who would like to understand more about
how to send and decode codes and ciphers. This manual will be of real value
to the reader who is in an environment where access to computer encryption is
impossible. This book is also a valuable historical artifact, providing the reader with
insights into special forces cryptology.
Review Table of Contents
“There is an unbreakable paper and pencil code, and all but low-level codes and codes used in primitive circumstances
are based on it. Originally, it was based on sets of letters randomly chosen and put together in groups of five in line after
line, page after page, in a pad. The encoder and the decoder have identical pads, and they use the lines and the pages
in the same order. Later, it was based on "code machines" which randomly changed the whole system with the encoding
of each letter, but according to a control "key" at the decoding end, which ensured an identical random selection.”
Excerpt from Special Forces Cryptology Course
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Special Forces Cryptology Codes and Ciphers