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Special Forces Reconnaissance
Special Forces Reconnaissance
Recon or Bureaucracy?
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301 pages; 17 chapters and 17 appendixes
Special Forces Reconnaissance provides a cold hard look at US Army state-of-the-
art concepts of
special reconnaissance, as reflected in the leading US Army field
manual on the subject.
Special Forces Reconnaissance is an e-book that seeks to
render fit for human consumption the jargonized, bureaucratic field manual now
available on the subject of
Special Forces reconnaissance. That field manual
emphasizes political correctness, interference by lawyers, over-planning, areas of only
tertiary relatedness, and bureaucratic-favoring aspects of
special reconnaissance
that are not related to
special reconnaissance. Special Forces Reconnaissance
is an e-book that simultaneously attempts to accomplish several objectives: exhibition
of US Army political correct
bureaucracy mistakes, examples of over jargonized field
manual confusion, and at the same time communicate some useful tips regarding the
essence of
special reconnaissance. Marxist political correctness and bureaucracy
has finally reached
US Special Forces. That insane PC approach to war has no
relationship to
US Army Special Forces operations, and its continued emphasis will
US Special Forces. Marxist lawyers and the stupid exaggerations of “Rules
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"It is unfair to mention historical perspective in relationship to modern US Army’s bureaucratic political correctness
approaches. In the old days, special forces units fought to win, not to establish a rep as boy scouts helping infirm
enemies go about their business. Now US Special Reconna8issance is slipping because it is constrained by ROEs and
lawyer vetoes of special operations in a leftist Marxist atmosphere governed by Marxist bigotry concerning: of
appeasement, exaggerated fear of foreign media opinion, and the refusal to offend the US Marxist media which is the
enemy of special forces. SR operations have been boldly conducted in the past because they focused on winning, not
appeasing Marxist democrats. These operations, called by many different names, provided units with the ability to learn
quickly what is happening in an area and without a high degree of political correctness, since PC has no place in war
Excerpt from Special Forces Reconnaissance
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Special Forces Reconnaissance
of Engagement, “ “collateral damage,” and other enemy-favoring PC concerns (which serve a more sinister purpose) are
salient features of a hostile anti-American subversion calculated to nullify
US Army Special Forces. That Marxist micro-
management already has a strong foothold in the
US Special Forces bureaucracy. That foothold will effectively destroy not
Special Forces, but also the entire US Armed Forces, just as the Marxist politicians desire. Special Forces
engages and spotlights the enemy domestic Marxism that now permeates every aspect of American life,
with a subdued literary contribution. Yet, Quikmaneuvers.com realizes that far more stringent efforts at redressing such
grievances are necessary.