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Spetsnaz - Russian Special Purpose Forces
Spetsnaz, Direct Action
Russian Special Purpose Forces
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366 pages; 20 chapters and 5 appendixes
After years of causing Western military bureaucracies to shake in their
boots because of the
Spetsnaz “threat”, Russian special purpose
are finally proving themselves. In Chechnya, Dagestan, and other
Caucasian Islamic psycho nations,
Russian Spetsnaz is proving to be
the formidable and lethal force it was always touted to be
. Spetsnaz,
Direct Action
is a book which discusses the current status and operations
of a variety of
amazingly militaristic Russian special purpose forces.
Such terminology is necessary because, as the US Army and Marine Corps
have proven, armed ground forces are not necessarily militaristic when their
every move is guided by leftist political correctness.
Russian special
purpose forces, or Spetsnaz
, are the epitome of the type of brutal, hard-
hitting, “no quarter asked nor given”
special operations forces needed
to defeat muslim imperialism
. In the future, it is possible that only the
Russians and British will be smart enough to maintain that kind of
operations force
. After 2008, the new leftist regime in Washington will
undoubtedly castrate American
special operations forces with the same
lawfare/political correctness tactics that it has used to de-ball the US Army
and USMC conventional forces. So, my friends who know that there is a
God of War, read hard, study deeply,
Spetsnaz, Direct Action is the way
to victory!
Review Table of Contents
“They reached the Spina crest shortly before dawn. The company commanders and battalion commander were deciding
on how to seize and occupy the area when a loudspeaker broke the early calm. The loudspeaker was waking the faithful
and calling them to morning prayers. The 3rd Company immediately assaulted a Mufsidun firing position they discovered
during the ascent. The battalion moved across the Spina crest, seizing well-constructed, amply-supplied Mufsidun fighting
positions and digging in. By 0400 hours, the 154th Spetsnaz Battalion controlled the Spina crest and could fire down at
the Mufsidun trapped below them. They overran the Islamic bases and supply depot and captured a lot of ammunition
and many Mufsidun heavy machine guns and RPGs. The 1st Company moved onto the heights where it could dominate
all the approaches into the camp from Pakistan. The company began to dig in some 700 meters inside Pakistan. The
Spetsnaz controlled the area. Ahamadullah Wejdani’s group was still fighting a systematic retreat but was now out of
ammunition and could see the signal rockets of the Spetsnaz above them. He gathered his men and withdrew through a
side canyon and headed into Pakistan.”
Excerpt from Spetsnaz, Direct Action
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