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Spy Report, KGB - A CIA Agent Neutralized
Spy Report, KGB
A CIA Agent Neutralized
© 2009
114 pages; 19 chapters
Spy Report, KGB is an e-book that describes in great detail, the story of how a CIA
agent was neutralized by the KGB
. Spy Report, KGB is a book about spy
volunteerism, management, and even pay. Of course
Spy Report, KGB describes
certain types of
spy tradecraft in consummate detail. Spy Report, KGB is also an
e-book that describes a
spy operation that was handed to the CIA on a platter.
Readers will be shocked at the fumbling amateurism of
CIA operatives in
, which is supposed to have the best CIA operative station. In any case,
Soviet spy who volunteered to serve the CIA produced and transported to the
CIA reams of useful and interesting information on what went on inside a targeted
Soviet agency.
Spy Report, KGB is also the story of a HUMINT operation that was
successful in spite of the reluctance, timidity and exaggerated caution of the
Moscow Station
. The book is illustrated with examples of tradecraft, too. Spy
Report, KGB
is a spectacular story that included betrayal by one of the CIA slickest
moles. It’s a must read for every
spy aficionado.
Review Table of Contents
“The note passed to Tolkachev in the same deaddrop contained a communications plan that provided for a variety of
methods of contact.  For example, Tolkachev could be called at home once a month, on the date that corresponded to
the number of the month, that is, 1 January, 2 February, 3 March, and so forth.  Tolkachev would cover the phone
between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on those dates to await a “wrong-number” call.  Depending upon the name asked for by the
caller, Tolkachev would be directed to one of three prearranged deaddrop sites:  “Olga,” “Anna,” or “Nina.”  The caller
also had the option of asking for “Valeriy,” which would trigger a personal meeting at a prearranged site one hour from
the time of the call.
Once a month, on the date that corresponded to the number of the month plus 15 days—18 March, 19 April, 20 May, etc.
—Tolkachev was directed to appear at one of several prearranged sites, at a specified time according to the month, and
to wait for five minutes—a password and recognition signal were incorporated into the plan in case someone other than
the regular case officer should make the meeting.”
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Excerpt from Spy Report, KGB
Spy Report, KGB - A CIA Agent Neutralized