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Squad Tactical Combat Training
Squad Tactical Combat Training
US Marine Tactical Warfighting
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151 pages; 8 chapters, 1 supplement, and 3 appendixes
The US Marine Corps has created an excellent introductory handbook on rifle
squad combat
. A rifle squad is usually 8-12 men. The interesting thing about
Squad Tactical Combat Training is that the book covers not only a standard
variety of squad tactical combat situations
, but it also provides clear guidance
how to solve such diverse problems as attacking a village, infantry vs.
tanks, and setting up ambushes.
Squad Tactical Combat Training seems to be a
sound, useful guidebook
for either a conventional rifle squad, or a squad of
partisans or guerrillas
. Any four-man group will be able to give a good account
of itself if the weaponry includes: a light machine gun, a RPG, and 2 AK-47s. If you
would like to read a good, clear
explanation of infantry small unit squad level
in attack, defense, the use of machine guns, anti-tank tactics, even mortar
and mechanized infantry tactics, then
Squad Tactical Combat Training is your
book. The book is designed to
teach the reader infantry tactics. It is a workbook
that offers you a
series of squad tactical combat training problems, which as
you solve them, you will
become able to lead a rifle squad in close combat.
Infantry can only fight tanks in close terrain. Use broken terrain, vegetation, and urban areas to deny enemy tanks
their key advantages of mobility and standoff range.
Positions with deep and narrow sectors of fire—‘keyhole’ positions—are best for AT missiles. Your AT positions should
have defilade protection on both sides, with a narrow sector of fire limited to one tank.
This protects you from the return fire of multiple enemies. If only one tank is engaged, only that tank might see you to
return fire. When enemy vehicles cannot overwatch each other and concentrate their fires against you, their mutual
support is defeated.”
Excerpt from Squad Tactical Combat Training
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