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 6th SS Nord Mountain Division, Finland
6th SS Mountain Division, Finland
6th SS Nord, Far North Combat
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350 pages; 25 chapters and 4 appendixes
6th SS Mountain Division, Finland is an ebook that describes the organization and
combat of
SS Mountain infantry troops in Northern Finland from 1941-44. If you
enjoy heretofore-suppressed facts, unique photographs and maps in profusion, then
you will enjoy
6th SS Mountain Division, Finland. This ebook describes four years
of battles in Finnish forests and Finnish snow. However,
6th SS Mountain Division,
does not hesitate to point out that the Germans and Finns in Northern
had already given up the war in late 1942. They lay dormant behinds their
defenses in 1943. When the Soviet Spring Offensive of 1944 struck the
6th SS
Mountain Division
, both Germans and Finns were too used to static defensive and
patrol actions to do much good. They soon folded and began the retreat of the
SS Mountain Division
, and the German 20th Army to Norway. 6th SS Mountain
Division, Finland
tells the truth about what happened in Northern Finland.
Review Table of Contents
"German reconnaissance revealed that the 7th SS Infantry Regiment would be attacking a Soviet fortified line of bunkers.
Such combat was more appropriate for the SS troops who were more at home bunker busting than they were at
maneuvering through the woods of the hostile tundra.
At daybreak on 1 November, the German attack got underway as strong SS scouting parties were sent out to locate and
harass the enemy positions. One of their objectives was to draw hostile fire so that the Soviet positions could be zeroed in
on by the German artillery. However, the scouts from the 1st Battalion and 13th Company / SSIR 7 were only able to elicit
a very weak and random enemy response to their presence.
At 0800, Waffen SS troops assaulted the first enemy bunker line in force and were quickly able to over run it.  Red Army
soldiers had already fled from the first bunker line, deciding instead to concentrate their resistance from a second line of
fortifications. Another SS scouting party managed to work its way to a point 400 yards behind the occupied enemy
positions. Those SS scouts were able to sever the Soviet field telephone cables, but they were kept pinned down most of
the time by persistent enemy artillery fire. On the German side, more anti-tank (PAK) guns were hauled up to the front to
use in battering down the communist bunkers. The day passed without any further gains."
Excerpt from 6th SS Mountain Division, Finland
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 6th SS Nord Mountain Division, Finland