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SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front
SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front
How the 2nd SS Panzer Corps Rescued the 6th Army
and Scored a Bloody Victory
© 2008
224 pages; 16 chapters, 1 special report and 5 appendixes
SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front is an e-book that describes a little
known battle that occurred as Operation Citadel (Kursk) was ending. This unique
e-book describes the battle action that occurred along the
Mius River by the
divisions of the
German 6th Army as they fought to repel invading Red Army
hordes. However,
SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front is more than the
story of a
German Army rescued from annihilation by an SS Panzer Corps. The
many overlapping stories and concepts elucidated in
SS Panzers Save the Mius
River Front
tell a broader story, a story that has never been mentioned by the
legions of American military writers who have essentially repeated the same
stories about the
Eastern Front over and over for the past 70 years. America’s
military writers are researchers, not professional soldiers and they don’t
understand the resource material that they all have worn out.
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"General Hollidt, the 6th Army commander, was a firm believer in the principle of launching immediate counterattacks to
dislodge any Soviet incursions and to prevent the enemy from fortifying their newly won positions. He also believed that,
rapid and direct panzer counterattacks, right into the enemy’s strongest sector, would always drive the Soviets back in
confusion. He ignored the fact that he already had evidence that direct attacks (instead of enveloping or flank attacks)
didn’t work that way on the Mius River Front.
Hollidt's negative experience with the direct frontal attacks of the recently decimated 16th Panzer Grenadier and 23rd
Panzer Divisions did nothing to change his mind. The 2nd SS Panzer Corps would therefore be sent straight into action,
with no time to familiarize itself with the ground or scout out the enemy's weak points. Hollidt was not interested in a deep,
flanking attack. He wanted a frontal assault, and he wanted it on 30 July. It was obvious that he didn’t care how many
dead SS men would be required."
Excerpt from Waffen SS Officer Training
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SS Panzers Save the German 6th Army on Mius River Eastern Front
SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front places war on the Eastern Front into the “transformed” setting that existed in
1943. Only remnants of the cream of the
German Army and Waffen SS that was destroyed in front of Moscow during the
winter of 1942-43 remained. It was the era of the Dead Schwerpunt. The walking dead men, who constituted the thin gray line
defending Germany from Marxism in 1943, were now the victims of a traitorous cartel of
German Army generals who worked
very hard to ensure that the USSR won World War II. Those officers colluded to subvert every German commander on the
Eastern Front, from division commander up. They enunciated two subversive ideas: (1) Germany cannot win, we must
retreat whenever it can be covered up. (2) Hitler is our enemy, not Stalin.
SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front explains how internal Army subversion affected the 6th Army on the Mius Front.
It also explains how important
Waffen SS troops were to any engagement or campaign. In a time when traitors became
steadily more influential inside the Wehrmacht, the only element that would ensure that any
German Army continued to fight
was the presence of
Waffen SS troops. They saved the German Army on the Eastern Front on many occasions. If Hitler
had formed thirty more SS divisions in 1941-42, he would have won the war.
SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front
explains the powerful psychological effect of including
Waffen SS units in any battle or campaign after 1942. On the Mius
River, the 6th Army
was folding. Its leadership was incompetent and wasted many German lives. Then SS Panzers saved
the Mius River Front and defeated the reds
. After the Waffen SS units left, the 6th Army was defeated again, for the
same reasons. If you want true insight into why and how an entirely different war was fought on the
Eastern Front, war you
never heard of before, read
SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front.

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