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SS Paratroops Attack - Waffen SS Paratroops Assault in Tito's Headquarters
SS Paratroops Attack
SS Paratroops Assault Tito’s Headquarters
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191 pages; 12 chapters and 9 appendices
SS Paratroops Attack describes the organization and operations of the 500th
Waffen SS Paratroop Battalion
in the Balkans in 1944, especially its decapitation
against Tito’s headquarters. The SS paratroops ill-fated Operation
Knights Move
was sent against the partisan leaders hideout with the flimsiest of
intelligence information about the enemy forces at that location. The plan of
operations of the
500th Waffen SS Paratroop Battalion against Tito’s
was mediocre or worst, and drawn up by a relatively inexperienced
Waffen SS captain. SS Paratroops Attack details the SS Paratroop Assault by
the 500th Waffen SS Paratroop Battalion on Tito’s Headquarters
and little
known facts about that operation.
SS Paratroops Attack will rivet your attention.
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“In 1944, two German special forces regiments were determined to destroy the brain and heart of Tito's forces, namely
his headquarters which included large numbers of personnel, masses of radio equipment, and foreign advisors. Already
the Germans knew that the minimal result of any offensive against enemy headquarters would be great disruption of
guerrilla operations. Such an operation would undoubtedly force the communists to move their major headquarters. This
forced displacement of the enemy heart and brain temporarily halted the flow of orders and instructions to the red
partisans and delayed the concentration of hostile combat formations.
In May 1944, elements of the 1st and 4th Brandenburg Regiments, along with the spearheading 500th SS Paratroop
Battalion, assaulted Marshal Tito's fortified (protected by barbed wire, trench lines, bunkers and minefields) headquarters
in Dvar, Bonia as part of Operation Rosselsprung, Knight's Move. It was the sixth major offensive against the red
partisans in Yugoslavia and it was a decapitation operation dedicated to killing Tito and his main headquarters."
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Excerpt from SS Paratroops Attack
SS Paratroops Attack Tito's Headquarters