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Waffen SS Guerrilla Warfare Manual
SS Werewolves Hoax
Allied Manufactured Excuses for Mass Murder
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127 pages; 18 chapters, 1 appendix and 1 special report
Towards the end of World War 2, a movement began, which lasted through 1946. At
night, the woods and concrete canyons of Germany echoed with the howl of wolves.
Waffen SS created a guerrilla warfare organization known as the
. The Werewolves combined Waffen SS élan with the latest
guerrilla warfare methods from Russia. For over a year, Werewolves
conducted guerrilla warfare
of assassination, ambush and raid. Although the SS
were small in number, their guerrilla warfare success heaped new
honor on the
Waffen SS.
Review Table of Contents
“The ambush must be set up in suitable terrain. Areas that are too obvious as ambush sites like defiles, hollows etc., must
be avoided. Well suited on the other hand are inconspicuous positions in hedges, forest edges, cornfields, settlements
and gardens, especially if they offer possibilities of covered and concealed withdrawal.
Patient, noiseless, and motionless waiting, often over a longer period of time, are necessary when laying in ambush. Fire
only opens up when the order or predetermined sign is given. In larger scale ambushes, the advance party of the enemy
should be allowed to pass in order to hit the more valuable targets following. If sufficient forces are available, a separate
ambush may be set up for the expected advance party. Fire on the advance party may open up only after the main
ambush is sprung.”
Excerpt from SS Werewolves Hoax
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Waffen SS Werewolves Hoax Guerrilla Warfare Manual