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Stalingrad, Cover-Up: German War Correspondents Skew Facts
Stalingrad, Cover-Up
German War Correspondents Skew Facts
© 2010
401 pages; 31 chapters
Most books available today purport to explain the Third Reich’s Stalingrad
debacle in 1942-43. However, nearly all of those books dogmatically repeat Soviet
propaganda about
Stalingrad and hammer Adolph Hitler as the scapegoat. Only
QuikManeuvers.com has fiercely insisted in obtaining and reporting facts about
Stalingrad Cover-Up. QuikManeuvers.com’s Stalingrad series of e-books
reveal numerous secrets, which the conventional-robotic “historian-propagandists”
ignore. Refusing to be subdued by conventional US historians' and war-writers'
fanatic drives to promote Soviet
WW2 propaganda, QuikManeuvers.com has
released numerous e-books like
Stalingrad, Cover-Up. Stalingrad, Cover-Up
explains how the traitors within the
German Army general staff, certain high
ranking mole-generals and even agents of influence within
German Army
propaganda companies, warped and skewed the truth about
WW2 and especially
Stalingrad. Stalingrad, Cover-Up explains and demonstrates several elements
of the refined propaganda utilized to mask treacherous treason within the
German Army.
Review Table of Contents
“The Third Reich was never a tightly controlled police state like the informant-centered USSR or the politically correct
USA. Freedom of speech was not denied to German citizens and Reich officials could tell the difference between
expressions of opinion and organized treason. That is why the 6th Army’s Propaganda Company, embedded with a few
traitors, freely proclaimed: “The war correspondents in Stalingrad reported the true state of affairs.”
On Christmas Eve, 1942, they broadcast: “The Stalingrad campaign must in future be used in the German military
academies as an example of "false strategy" and bad planning.” The Christmas Eve broadcast was regarded by the
soldiers as a slap in the face.
Certain “war correspondents” also proclaimed: “The stories of battle-scarred Generals with red facings and flashing
Knight's Crosses firing machine-guns must be counted as fairy tales written for those grown-ups who wish to see war in
such terms. The hundreds of thousands sacrificed at Stalingrad will not suffice to prevent the collapse of the Western
world, if that is destined to come to pass.”
While typically posturing as media “truth tellers,” certain members of the 6th Army Propaganda Company repeatedly
broadcast the above pro-Soviet propaganda and in the process devastated the morale of 6th Army landsers.”
Excerpt from Stalingrad, Cover-Up

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Stalingrad, Cover-Up: German War Correspondents Skew Facts