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Stalingrad's Red Army Secrets
Stalingrad's Red Army Secret
The Red Army at Stalingrad
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308 pages; 17 chapters and 5 appendixes
Since World War Two, a peculiar genre of western historical writers has emerged,
the “
glorifiers of the red army.” Such men have depicted the Red Army as a
band of simple, yet noble heroes fighting for freedom against the hateful Nazis. They
have made the truth a secret.
Stalingrad’s Red Army Secret rips back that veil of
lies masquerading as history and exposes the
Red Army at Stalingrad in all its
brutal infamy. If any reader wants to know the
truth about the Red Army at
, he should read Stalingrad’s Red Army Secret.
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“The Stalingrad battlefield, is not in a deep and forbidding woods, miles from the nearest city. That battlefield is in and
around a major city. It is the Stalingrad, aka Volgagrad, battlefield stretches for tens of miles along the Volga and Don
In the early 1990s, Walter Seledec of the Austrian Television Network visited Volgagrad/Stalingrad to see where the fifty
thousand Austrian members of the destroyed German 6th Army had died and were buried. It is a place where the grass
didn't grow for a year after the battle; where run-offs after the winter thaw, for over a year after the battle, were still pink
with the blood of the dead.
Until 1989, the Stalingrad battlefield and hundreds more World War II battlefields within the Soviet Union had been
deemed "sensitive areas," closed to foreign visitors. Sedelec was there visiting In 190-81. He stood where the, "...contours
of former trenches and dirt bunkers (are) still recognizable."
Seledec drove an hour across the battlefield to a site near the town of Peschanka. In shock he stopped his car and got
out. There he was astounded to see that, "...the balki, the gullies and slopes of the steppes, were littered with sun-
bleached bones."
Walter Seledec described the horror: "There you are, standing beside an open field, and you are confronted with things
you cannot believe, things you have never seen in your life, things you would not think possible in this day and age.
There in the open fields, all the way to the horizon, are the skeletons of human beings, just lying there in the open fields.
I dont mean a few. There are hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands...Human remains lying in the fields. Human
skeletons as far as the eye can see."
The many photographs that Seledec took have preserved the horror for all time. In those photographs, "...(to) the distant
horizon...(the) surface is littered with the remains of human skeletons--arms, legs, pelvic bones, skulls, an occasional rib...
large piles of bones...fragments, shell cases, and an undetonated projectile; a rusted machine gun; a battered metal
container...Skulls...hundreds of them, thousands of them, Just lying around out there in the open fields...Skulls lie in
helmets, decayed bones still stand in boots, on the spines hang the identity tags...No cross. No wreath. This unknown
soldier never made it into a mass grave. Today, he lies on the steppe outside Volgograd exactly as he fell fifty years ago.
His shirt and uniform buttons still lie between his ribs."  Such scenes and media coverage caused a furor in Europe.
Documentatries were made of the bone fields and articles were written in every major European magazine and newspaper.

In the United States and Germany, however, a news black out has been maintained regarding the unburied Red Army
dead. The controlled media in those two leftist media states instituted that news blackout for political reasons. They didn't
want to sully the Russians with the truth, as has been their policy for fifty years! America's governing media elite remains
loyal to the Soviet's reputation!
But many questions were asked. First and foremost: Who were those thousands of corpses? They were Soviets, Red
Army men, Russians, the countrymen of the nation who ignored their remains.
Millions of Red Army bones bleached in the sun...but where were the German corpses? Ironically, most of the German
dead have been buried in mass graves and military cemeteries, ("...carefully tended cemeteries with individual plots in
orderly rows, each marked with an iron grave post, a wooden cross..."). Except for the fact that the Red Army has
bulldozed most German graveyards.”
Excerpt from Stalingrad's Red Army Secret
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Stalingrad's Red Army Secrets