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Stauffenberg: Operation Valkyrie Treason
Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor
Operation Valkyrie Treason
© 2008
275 pages; 20 chapters
Count Claus von Stauffenberg (Operation Valkyrie) is a hero to the decadent
leftist controlled nations of Western Europe and North America. Most governments in
those states are covert dictatorships that allow neither freedom of speech nor
freedom of debate; they are neo-Marxist police states.
Stauffenberg (Operation
is a leftist icon who is venerated by such states. Their articles of faith are
based on lies and false heroes. That web of deceit is used to “motivate” their
subjects, who are robbed of as much as 90% of their annual earnings by feudal
taxation. Those taxes are used to pay the freight of societal parasites.
Stauffenberg, the German General Staff traitor is one such false hero of current
politically correct neo-Marxist Germany where there is no freedom of speech.
auffenberg: General Staff Traitor is a fearless e-book that dares confront the
lies told about
Stauffenberg, the general staff traitor and his unsavory German
general staff
cronies. Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor discusses every
aspect of
Stauffenberg (Operation Valkyrie) and the lies told about him including:
Stauffenberg the brave, Stauffenberg the decorated war hero, Stauffenberg the
apolitical soldier, and
Stauffenberg the combat veteran. This e-book took guts to
research and write. Do you have the curiosity to read it?
Review Table of Contents
“Stauffenberg was not a heroic combat veteran as the leftist press makes him out to be. He is a typical, manufactured
leftist hero. The left depends upon the parading of such men to reinforce the models of behavior that they daily cram
down the throats of their taxpaying subjects.
From 1918 to 1945, the USSR waged war against Germany, a nation that they wanted desperately to control. In 1945 the
USSR launched a war to bring socialism to Western Europe, Africa and North America. By 1990 they had established
leftist, communist regimes in all of their target states before they began the next phase, the Glasnost Deception.
Since Marxism is a feudal religion its appeal and major recruits were from the rich capitalists, aristocrats and nobles who
were disgusted with their origins and became secretly fanatic, much more fanatic than the ostensible target of Marxism,
the working class. Military upper classes were targeted to, the aristocrats and aristocratic-stooges of the general staff
and high commands.
Stauffenberg was one of those leftist recruits who did not bother to be a registered communist, the habit of most leftists
everywhere. Stauffenberg was what US Marine NCOs call a “staff pogue,” a desk officer. He was neither a combat soldier,
nor a decorated hero, he was a member of the traitorous German General Staff from the onset of his service. (The
German General Staff was the most treasonous and sabotage-activist general staff ever recorded in modern times. See
Inside the German General Staff .) Even his command time was unrecorded. This chapter will
prove who Stauffenberg was militarily by examining his training, his service, his decorations and his command potential.
Even his heroic war wounds will be investigated to determine when, and in what context they actually occurred."
Excerpt from Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor

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Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor