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Subterranean Warfighting Blues - Underground War: Petersburg to 2010
Subterranean Warfighting Blues
Underground War: Petersburg to 2010
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256 pages; 23 chapters, 1 special report and 1 appendix
This e-book is about a subject of which the US military is
so oblivious that it has no doctrine for.
was an extensive feature of both World War
II and the 2nd Indochina War.
Warfighting Blues
, is an e-book that describes just how
important the subject of
subterranean warfighting
actually is, with copious drawings and expiations of what
has been learned to date.
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“A prolonged defense of Iwo Jima required the preparation of an extensive system of caves and tunnels, for the naval
bombardment had clearly shown that surface installations could not withstand extensive shelling. To this end, mining
engineers were dispatched from Japan to draw blueprints for projected underground fortifications that would consist of
elaborate tunnels at varying levels to assure good ventilation and minimize the effect of bombs or shells exploding near
the entrances or exits.
While the Japanese on Peleliu Island in the Western Carolines, also awaiting American invasion, had turned the
improvement of natural caves into an art, the defenders of Iwo Jima developed it into a science. Because of the
importance of the underground positions, 25 percent of the garrison was detailed to tunneling. Positions constructed
underground ranged in size from small caves for a few men to several underground chambers capable of holding 300 or
400 men. In order to prevent personnel from becoming trapped in any one excavation, the subterranean installations
were provided with multiple entrances and exits, as well as stairways and interconnecting passageways. Special attention
had to be paid to providing adequate ventilation, since sulphur fumes were present in many of the underground
installations. Fortunately for the Japanese, most of the volcanic stone on Iwo Jima was so soft that it could be cut with
hand tools.”
Excerpt from Subterranean Warfighting Blues
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Subterranean Warfighting Blues - Underground War: Petersburg to 2010
The e-book Subterranean Warfighting Blues explains
how the US military will approach
subterranean warfare
in the future. It is easy to predict that the US armed forces will habitually shrink back from close combat and
favor high explosives as the antidote. Naturally, such methods will be defeated. QuikManeuvers.com editorial
staff severely disapproves of the “don’t get our hands dirty” sentiment evidenced by US bureaucrats posing as
combat officers.
Subterranean Warfighting Blues will provide the reader with information necessary for the
understanding of how the massive Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean
subterranean systems of 2010 must
be wiped out.