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Leftists Terrorism Methods
Surveillance Manual 2006
Leftists and Police Surveillance
Edited by: Wolf Steiner
© 2006
102 pages; 10 chapters
Wolf Steiner and the Zero Jihad Organization have researched the activities of
leftist organizations that are engaged in terrorist sabotage and other
anti-American assaults. If you want to know
how leftist subversion works right
now in the USA, this book will answer some of your questions.
Review Table of Contents
“Typically, spy planes require a large crew, sometimes as many as 24 people. Pilots, navigators, tactical evaluators, flight
engineers, equipment operators, technicians, and mechanics are all necessary personnel. These plans can stay airborne
without re-fueling for as long as 12 hours, and can visit "targets" as far away as 3,000 miles. A wide variety of devices,
including antennae, receivers, recorders and computers, are used to "gather" (intercept) signals intelligence: who is
contacting whom, when, where, for how long, how often, etc etc. Spy planes, especially those that are remote controlled,
are also equipped with a wide variety of imaging devices (radar sensors, video cameras and infrared readers). These
devices allow the planes to "see" in all conditions, even in total darkness.”
Excerpt from Surveillance Manual 2006
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Leftists vs. Police Surveillance
Because so many leftist organizations are involved in demonstrations and public
illegal activities that other nations (Muslims, North Koreans, Red Chinese) would
punish as the behavior of traitors,
domestic American leftists hate the police
and are constantly working on methods to
defeat police surveillance systems.
leftist manual includes information on camera surveillance, (closed circuit
CCTV surveillance, and a variety of other remote surveillance
systems, which
government surveillance organizations may employ against
leftist traitor demonstrations
. Methods of defeating police surveillance are a
obsession of leftists. They spend a lot of time studying camera
surveillance, CCTV surveillance and all types of remote surveillance
. The
material in the
leftist book can be used by any organization that seeks to avoid
police surveillance by nullifying camera surveillance, CCTV surveillance and
remote surveillance
Since the
leftists now control many agencies of the government, American citizens
understand government surveillance systems. For those who are under
attack of leftist terror groups, learn what they are doing to thwart your
efforts monitor their nefarious activities.
Zero Jihad, Anti-Terroism Movement