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Surviving in the City - Urban Disaster Survival
Surviving in the City
Urban Disaster Survival
© 2008
113 pages; 10 chapters
Surviving in the City is a brave e-book that describes how to survive disasters
in cities
. However, Surviving in the City dares to mention the most dangerous
and ubiquitous feature of modern American urban life, ethnic, (e.g. african
american) street gangs. That yet unspoken danger cannot be ignored in any book
urban survival. They work in gangs so that one person cannot defeat them.
Surviving in the City gives attention to that unspoken enemy. In fact, the last four
chapters of
Surviving in the City are devoted to what you might do if you stay and
have to
survive in the city. Those chapters of Surviving in the City are offered
with one salient caveat; the solitary white family can only delay its own demise in a
gang-controlled city. Sooner or later, they will catch on that you don’t belong to
anything and you will become their prey.
"If you are so foolish as to report to a coliseum for shelter, you may die there. At night during the aftermath of hurricane
Katrina, among the sleeping hordes in the Superdome, African killers and rapists plied their trade with no resistance. The
police were nowhere to be found. The murders and rapes that occurred have been covered up to protect the reputation
of blacks as victims who need constant handouts and other help.
Big cities police services will undoubtedly break down soon in the face of a major prolonged disaster (Remember New
Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?). The military may not arrive in your city since there will be many cities that need military
help. Can you imagine the chaos and terror that will grip such cities?"
Excerpt from Surviving in the City
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Surviving in the City - Urban Disaster Survival
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