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Swamp Combat WW2 -The Epitome of Broken Terrain
Swamp Combat WW2
The Epitome of Broken Terrain
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237 pages; 20 chapters and 3 appendices
Swamp Combat WW2 is a totally unique e-book. In fact, it is the only
one available on
Swamp Combat in WW2 anywhere.  During World
War II
, there were two epi-centers of swamp combat: in the Pacific
against the
Japanese and on the Eastern Front against the Soviet
There was far more fighting in and around swamps on the
Eastern Front, and that is why Swamp Combat WW2 focuses more
on the
Eastern Front.
However, Japanese swamp combat in WW2 is also well covered.
Japanese proved to be the most adaptable to swamp warfare
since it was hardly their forte. Yet,
swamp warfare was the Soviet
forte, and by WW2 there were soldiers in the Soviet Army
who had several years of swamp combat experience.
For most readers,
Swamp Combat WW2 will be an introduction to
aspects of
World War II that they never knew existed. At the same
Swamp Combat WW2 is a training handbook describing the
principles and applications of
swamp combat at the tactical,
operational, and strategic levels.
Review Table of Contents
“In the wooded and swampy regions between Velikiye Luki and Lake Peypus the guerrillas conducted full-fledged
conscription drives behind the German front. Under cover of darkness the conscriptees were funneled through gaps in
the German front, which north of Kholm consisted only of strong points, and subsequently received military training in the
Soviet rear areas. In other swampy, forested regions the partisans are said to have conducted winter maneuvers,
including firing practice with live ammunition by heavy weapons and even artillery. In fact the Soviets had established vast
supply dumps and hidden defensive areas in those very marshy forests whole Stalin has been planning World War II in
the 1930s. Those swamp bastions for partisans were part of a back-up strategy to cover any Soviet defeat of their
planned invasion of Western Europe in 1941. It was a plan known to the Third Reich and pre-empted by their 1941
invasion of the USSR, called Operation Barbarossa.”
Excerpt from Swamp Combat WW2
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Swamp Combat WW2 -The Epitome of Broken Terrain