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The Symbionese Liberation Army
The Symbionese Liberation Army
American Leftist Terrorist Group
© 2008
153 pages; 15 chapters
The Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) was a fanatic and psychotic
marxist murder / terrorist group that ran wild during the 1960s and 70s
along with other
marxist terrorist groups like the 'Students for a
Democratic Society’ and the 'Weather Underground'
. Although the The
Symbionese Liberation Army
was guilty of the murder of many innocent
people, just like the
Weather Underground, those who were not killed got
away with their murders because the media shielded them then, as now. For
example, surviving
Weather Underground psychotics and maniacal,
(research this charge please, you will be shocked), individuals easily obtained
professorships in America’s
marxist academia where they have conditioned
hundreds of stupid college students, for the past thirty years, to hate the USA
and work to transform the USA into a Soviet-style dictatorship. All the insanity
The Symbionese Liberation Army and other crazy leftist-racist killer
terrorist groups have always been covered up by the even more dangerous
marxist media. So the truth is hard to find. However, “you don’t have to be
a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.“
"The SLA terror group was made up of mostly radical white jews. However they wanted a black member so bad, that they
sent some of the prettiest females out to seduce various black criminals still in prison. Finally one agreed to become the
fuhrer of the SLA. His name was Cinque (see photo) and he acted as titular boss or dictator of the SLA. He was totally in
charge although he did not really understand terrorism as a concept.
Cinique, a professional negro, was content to be a Clintonesque type “leader”, however to have frequent sex with the
pretty white leftist sluts and conduct long hate sessions against white people. He also insisted that all his followers, white
university-conditioned Marxists, would speak only the afro argot of the streets, He conducted daily language lessons so
that the white members could become total black-jargon-speaking wiggers.
When the SLA went on a terror spree, the media covered it up as long as they could. Finally different police agencies
heard about them. Only the Los Angeles police were able to track them down and surround them."
Excerpt from The Symbionese Liberation Army
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In police files all over America are hidden factual reports on a long list of maniacal leftist terrorist groups. Those reports,
which "American commies“ thought were long ago burned, offer the only accurate descriptions of what actually happened.
There are more objective intellectuals in US police departments, percentage wise, then there ever will be in American
academia which is run by ignorant
marxist fanatics. The Symbionese Liberation Army is an e-book derived from an
objective and accurate reporting by the Los Angeles Police Department.
The Symbionese Liberation Army - SLA