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Tanks in the City - Urban Warfare with US Army and Marine Abrams Tanks
Tanks in the City
Armor Dominates Urban Warfare
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306 pages; 20 chapters and 7 appendixes
Before 9-11, actually in 1999, the former Army Chief of Staff General Shinseki
engineered an internal military putsch, the objective of which was to totally e
all US Army Abrams tanks and armored fighting vehicles
, replacing them with
light-weight rubber-tired armored cars. Although Shinseki was himself replaced, his
clique is still influential in the
US Army and Marine Corps. It is their claim that
America must
not fight in urban warfare, and if any battles do occur inside enemy
no armored formations or artillery will be used. To say that this clique of
US Army generals is totally incompetent
, and should be run out of town on a rail,
is an understatement. When American armed forces invaded Iraq in 2003, they were
greatly outnumbered by the Iraqi Army. Thanks to the
adroit use of American
Abrams tanks and armored fighting vehicles
, all of Iraq was seized in a matter of
days with hardly any casualties. That feat of arms will go down in history alongside the
achievements of the German Panzer Divisions in World War II.
“The Mahdi army, and muslim terrorists in general, is intimidated by the Abrams tanks’ 120mm main gun and multiple
machine guns. As soon as American tanks began destroying the enemy with their 120mm main guns (105mm guns are
just as effective in cities), the terrorists panicked and then broke and ran. Such tank versus terrorist gang engagements
often took place at short ranges, where the concussive effect of the cannon was lethal, even if the enemy was not directly
hit by the rounds. Such effects proved to be the case during the nights of continuous Iraqi police station defense and
other armored combat.
The Abrams tanks’ 120mm HEAT round is sometimes better than .50-caliber machine gun rounds for limiting collateral
damage. Commanders at all levels should understand this. American tanks engaged snipers firing from windows with .50-
caliber machine guns, and dust was flying from windows, six windows down from the point of impact, as whole groups of
terrorists were shredded. Tanks firing armor piercing incendiary (API) rounds tend to waste expensive ammunition as they
eradicate one knot of terrorists at a time.”
Excerpt from Tanks in the City
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Tanks in the City describes the massive power and utility of armored formations without which modern US Army and
Marine infantry
cannot take cities. Whenever American conventional infantry attempted to take cities in Iraq or Afghanistan
after 9-11, they were usually defeated.
Tanks in the City explicitly describes how American tank units can easily seize
enemy cities utilizing Abrams tanks, self-propelled artillery, sappers, and properly trained assault infantry
. Several
battles in Iraq, which were won by
tank-spearheaded armored formations, are recounted in Tanks in the City.
Tanks in the City provides detailed information describing why and how the tank-infantry-artillery team can turn any
enemy city into a death trap for its terrorist defenders. Without that
tank-centered combat team, infantry casualties will be
too great. American generals don’t like fighting in
urban warfare, because they have been taught to fear it. Most of them do
not understand just how
advantageous it is to use tanks in the city. Any reader of Tanks in the City will understand how
and why the
use of tanks and/or armored fighting vehicles makes a resounding US Army or Marine victory
inevitable in urban warfare
US Army and Marine Abrams Tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles in Urban Warfare