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Communist Interrogation Torture of POWs
Tao of Torture
Communist Interrogation and Brainwashing of US POWs
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213 pages; 6 chapters
In May 1956, the US Army provided detailed information on communist interrogation
torture, and brainwashing of US POWs
in Korea. The Tao of Torture describes how
communists used coercive interrogation and torture to brainwash American
for years in Korea. That communist brainwashing was effective because the
methods of communist interrogation worked on the minds of American prisoners, and
effectively brainwashed a minority of them.
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“The communist indoctrination and brainwashing program had two main objectives.
One was to indoctrinate completely, a small, select group of prisoners in the actual theory
and practice of communism as a world conspiracy. The "peaceful aims" and lofty ideals that the Communist
propagandists disseminate for general public consumption was not part of the indoctrination of this group.
In attempting to achieve the first major objective, the
Communists selected the prisoners on whom they felt they could
depend and gave them special training, tutoring, and counseling and extended them special treatment. This was in
keeping with the Communist concept, as advanced by Lenin, that a small, select, disciplined group should lead the
masses. As an incentive for the "chosen few" to apply themselves to the task of betraying heir country and their fellow
prisoners, the Communists told them that they were the "liberators" of the masses, and promised them positions of
leadership in the United States-after a Communist-directed revolution had replaced our democratic system with a
Communist form of government.
The second objective was
not to make Communists out of all the prisoners, but to undermine their faith and trust in
their country, their government, and its political leaders. They pursued the objective by promoting a violent anti-
American program in which the United States was consistently attacked. Any imperfections of our political and economic
institutions were distorted completely out of proportion. At no time was mention of the true democratic principles of the
United States Government permitted in discussions. In addition to attacking American concepts of democracy, the
Communists launched attack after attack against American statesmen by name, claiming that they were the chief
perpetrators of war and evil.”
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Excerpt from Tao of Torture
Tao of Torture - Communist Interrogation and Brainwashing of US POWs