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Leftists Terrorism Methods
Terror and Sabotage
Leftist Terrorist Tactics
Edited by: Wolf Steiner
© 2009
401 pages; 18 chapters and 2 appendix
Wolf Steiner and the Zero Jihad Organization have researched the activities of
leftist organizations that are engaged in terrorist sabotage and other
anti-American assaults. If you want to know
how leftist subversion works right
now in the USA, this book will answer some of your questions.
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“Perhaps the most common ploy is to tell you that it will all go easier for you if you cooperate. In reality, your cooperation
will only make it easier for them to convict you. Never forget that the interrogating officer is a trained professional, in his
own element, and that you are out of yours. If you try to talk your way out of trouble, you will probably only make it worse.
Say nothing until you've seen a lawyer.
Even should you slip up and reveal something damaging to the police, you are under no obligation to continue talking or
answering questions. In such an instance, when you come to your senses, stop talking immediately.
Before undertaking serious sabotage, read up on a few pertinent points of law. Most important, read
If An Agent Knocks,
available free from the Center for Constitutional Rights. This booklet gives the best and most accurate advice available on
your rights to refuse to talk.”
Excerpt from Terror and Sabotage
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Terror and Sabotage is an in-depth leftist manual that includes interesting
used by leftist terrorists to carry out acts of terror and sabotage
while escaping police
detention. This book emphasizes many different topics
interrogation, communications security, and counter surveillance.
leftist perpetrators of terror and sabotage do not want to get caught. They
fear police interrogation, surveillance and breaching their communications
Terror and Sabotage includes shocking data on how leftist terrorists plan and
carry out their raids and attempt to get away. As this book explains,
leftist terrorists
emphasize communications security and avoidance of surveillance
planning a raid. After a
terror raid, the emphasis is on a clean getaway. If
leftist terrorists seek to outsmart police interrogation. If the
reader wants to determine
how domestic leftist terrorists will seek to accomplish
the above, then they should
read Terror and Sabotage.
Zero Jihad, Anti-Terroism Movement
Leftist Terrorists Terror and Sabotage