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Terror Tunnels
Terror Tunnels
Underground Worm Holes of Killer Psychos
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200 pages; 16 chapters and 4 appendixes
Imagine that you are crawling along a small, dirty tunnel, deeply
underground. The smell of dirt is in your nostrils, and you fight a
claustrophobic strangulation of your mental faculties, as you fear
death in an unknown hellhole. Suddenly, the side
tunnel you are in
opens up into a huge cathedral-like vault of a
tunnel. Under the
high ceilings of this concrete reinforced
mega-tunnel, you spy the
maggot-like scurrying about of hundreds of filthy demons of
. As you smilingly set your thermobaric weapon on
mega-kill, you realize that you have happened upon yet another filth
hole of a worldwide
terror tunnel system, inhabited by
communists and
muslim imperialists.
“Iran is constructing a top-secret tunnel as part of its nuclear weapons program. The secret tunnel carries the codename
“Hormuz Tunnel.” It is intended to further the regime’s nuclear weapons research and development. The tunnel is located
in the vicinity of the Mini-City (Shahrak-e Bazi), northeast Tehran.
The location of this tunnel is next to Tehran-Lashkarak Highway in the vicinity of Mini-City sited in the northeastern part of
Tehran. This tunnel is to be found in the northern part of Mini-City, in the mountain slopes. It is situated so that it faces
the mountain on one side, and from the other, it is positioned at the far end of a residential area. This location is close to
a residential area so that it might blend in with a community. That is, it would not appear to be a suspect nuclear site in
such a place. This location might deceive inspectors who would not imagine a sensitive nuclear site to be located near a
The design for this tunnel was completed in 2004. Its construction began in March 2005.  The construction company in
charge of building this tunnel is Hara Company. Hara is an engineering firm associated with Khatam Al Anbia, which is the
main engineering headquarters for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).
The company consists of members of IRGC’s engineering corps and individuals trusted by the regime. The IRGC uses
this company for secret military programs. In the past, this same company has built other tunnels for the nuclear activities
of Iran’s Defense Ministry. This firm is experienced in building anti-radiation walls, in addition to creating systems for air
ventilation. Such systems are designed to prevent radioactive pollution from escaping underground locations and thus to
conceal proscribed nuclear weapons activities from being discovered. For example, if inspectors were to take earth
samples to determine the presence of banned nuclear activities, they would be hard-pressed to discover radioactive soil
because of effective concealment.
It is noteworthy that one of the Hara Company’s plants, named “Sadaf workshop,” is involved in building of a tunnel at the
Isfahan nuclear site, known for the presence of the Uranium Conversion Facility. The director of the Sadaf workshop and
the Isfahan site’s tunnel project is an engineer named Madadi.
The Hormuz tunnel might be described as an under-the-surface type location. That is, it initially goes vertically
underground then branches out horizontally.”
Excerpt from Terror Tunnels
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Why is it that rabid communists, and even more rabid muslims are so obsessed with tunnels? They are forever
digging them. They
hide in terror tunnels, maneuver in terror tunnels, and survive in terror tunnels.
Terrorists are a psychopathic lot, and from Vietnam to North Korea to Palestine and all the other ugly muslim
thugocracies in between, there are
terror tunnels. QuikManeuvers is proud to present the first book on the terror
tunnel of psychopathic murderers and insane tyrants
. Terror Tunnels: Underground Worm Holes of
Killer Psychos
introduces readers to the bizarre world of terror tunnels and the evil thugs who hide in them.
Terror Tunnels