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Terrorist or Insurgent Enemies - Paramilitary Organizations and Tactics
Terrorist or Insurgent Enemies
Paramilitary Organizations and Tactics
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309 pages; 7 chapters
All over the world, terrorist or insurgent enemies confront European
nations’ armed forces. Those
terrorist or insurgent enemies have their
own unique
paramilitary organizations and tactics, which are mostly
modeled on the terrorist organizational doctrine of the USSR.  That is why it is
important to know
terrorist or insurgent enemies as well as their
paramilitary organizations and tactics. Terrorist or Insurgent Enemies
provides an excellent detailed description of how the West’s
terrorist or
insurgent enemies are organized, led and maneuvered - their
paramilitary organizations and tactics.
"Terrorism is the calculated use or threatened use of violence to inculcate fear, intended to coerce or intimidate
governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological. Terrorism’s principal
targets are civilians, and that is what distinguishes it from other forms of calculated violence used to achieve one these
goals. Many nations devote millions of dollars and man-hours to identifying, apprehending, or destroying terrorist
organizations, some of which have been in existence for decades. The reason for their continued survival is an underlying
empathy among certain groups and even nations for their cause, if not always their means. Their increasingly
sophisticated methods of operation and the inherent security found in the way they are organized also contribute to their
survivability. Terrorist groups vary widely in size, organizational structure, motivation, sophistication, and level of activity.
This chapter describes the motivations, organizations, tactics, methods, and means characteristic of such groups. Yet all
the modern Islamic terrorist groups are called insurgencies. However, so-called “Islamic insurgents” do not fit into the
definition of insurgents. American leftist media calls them that to make the psychopathic Islamic terrorists look more
wholes as “insurgents” rather than the cowardly predators on civilians that they really are."
Excerpt from Terrorist or Insurgent Enemies
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Terrorist or Insurgent Enemies - Paramilitary Organizations and Tactics