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The Russian Army, 1944
The Russian Army, 1944
(originally authored by W. Kerr)
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252 pages; 21 chapters
The Russian Army, 1944 is a useful e-book on the Soviet Army of World War II;
although its author is obviously pro-Soviet. The research for this book was
collected during the historical period of 1941-43 and the e-book reflects that period’
s pro-Soviet inclinations and pro-communist bigotry.
The Russian Army, 1944
does reflect an amount of ignorance about the true nature of the
Russian Army
during World War II
that is still found today in at least half of the books extant.
Why? Two reasons: (1) the pervasive pro-communist bigotry of most history writers
(2) the scarcity of data on the
Soviet Army of World War II. However, there is
enough content of
The Russian Army, 1944 that is factual and it provides an
interesting example of the source of most myths promulgated about the
in the 21st Century. Those World War II myths are challenged and
destroyed by only one publisher, QuikManeuvers.com.
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"On that day the Germans smashed into the first defense line and cut the communications between divisional and
regimental command posts and the troops.
They got into the factory workshops. Chamov's regiment beat off ten attacks, and he himself was said to be firing a
mortar towards the close of the day. It was useless to try to direct the battle. It was every man for himself. Mikhailov's
headquarters was hit by a bomb and he was killed. Major Kushnarev took command and moved the headquarters into
a conduit that ran beneath the workshops. German gunners got to one entrance of the conduit and for some time
Kushnarev and his staff stood there with grenades, beating them off. For several days the offensive continued. It was a
fight for every step on every staircase, for every corner of every corridor. Many times the factory changed hands until
finally the Germans withdrew exhausted. Gurtiev, the divisional commander, later estimated that within a thirty-day
period his division was attacked 117 times by the Germans."
Excerpt from The Russian Army, 1944
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The Russian Army, 1944